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We can now message to ourselves now?

Hey everyone!
I am pretty sure that’s a bug, but if not, sorry about it. Anyways, today I found an interesting bug! We can now message ourselves through new contact button from buyer page.
Annotation 2020-05-19 175810

If you are a Seller, you could go to your Active Gigs, clicking preview. This will redirect you to the Buyer’s preview page (what buyer see as a customer). Next to the package selections (Basic, Standard and Premium), you will see a button “Contact”. By clicking it, it will show that you have to type something to send message to a Seller (as a buyer). After that, you can click send and it will redirect you to inbox. And that’s it! You can now chat with yourself!

The problem about it is, that some low response time Sellers could higher their response time by doing that, messaging to themselves!



I did not try it but it would be a bug of course that would likely cause cheating with seller rating. Have you reported it officially?

@wp_kid Is this correct that chatting between ourselves (me = Buyer, me = Seller) is possible and allowed?

hey last time I’ve been there, the contact button isn’t there

Don’t touch that. We had someone nearly losing an account over this bug because they wanted to “see what happens”. According to them, they only managed to got it back because CS acknowledged it was either a bug or a design oversight of some sort. If someone has a link to that post, it’d be great if they posted it here. I can’t find it.

I’d love to message myself that I was the best every once and a while. :slight_smile:


Here, Lena.


Fantastic, thank you. :slight_smile:

PS That post is even more interesting that I remembered it to be.

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This is quite a development. If you message yourself be sure to reply.

I wonder how that would work. Would you be able to have a running conversation in your inbox with yourself?

It seems it is technically possible. I am not the one who tries it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Because it’s a brand new feature

Am I in trouble now?

If you didn’t reply to yourself within the time span that Fiverr gives you, then… yes!

I don’t know but Fiverr can’t tell who is experimenting with it to see what happens and who is trying to commit click and ratings fraud.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if they are hard on people who have sent messages to themselves regardless of their explanation.

I imagine it’s an oversight in the system and they’ll prevent people from doing this in the future.

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I was a bit dramatic and the previous user who did it got off easy.

I think fiverr is aware about the issue at this point.

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@lenasemenkova :ok_hand:

I’m wondering if that makes it technically possible to scam yourself?!

You know. Order a gig from yourself, message yourself and change the requirements of the order a few times just to annoy yourself, praise yourself for all the amazing samples you’ve provided yourself for free, and then cancel your own order at the point of delivery?

For anyone who thinks I’m being serious… I’m not.


@english_voice Self punishment taken to a new level thanks to technology.


Don’t touch that because I think bug problem

Maybe an account warning! No just joking.

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Wouldn’t surprise me at all!

You should report it to fiverr support. I think it would not be a wise decision to use this bug to improve your response rate ratio. That would be cheating.

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