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We cannot see our previous tickets or active tickets on customer support site [MOD: Please RECHECK Now]

We cannot see previous tickets or open tickets now on customer support.
So if we need to add something to an open ticket we cannot. We also can’t see a list of old tickets or open tickets.

This began after the maintenance tonight.


I think this bug was starting 2 days ago.

It’s working in my site but I can’t create new ticket.

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Unfortunately, no. I checked the ticket page yesterday after a little issue. It was this way before the maintenance.


Ok then it was before maintenance. I hope they put the link to our old tickets on that page.

Thank you fonthaunt for mentioning this link to our old tickets: 3

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Same issue with me, too. I have submitted a ticket 4 days ago and still waiting for the response. I can’t find my submitted tickets.

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Did you try that link to them? 3

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Yes, I have tried that link. It allows to submit only new request.

It works for me. Sorry it seems to only work for some. I hope this gets solved.

The ticketing system should be fixed now, everyone. Re-check thelink and you should either get logged in automatically or see the screen shown in the image below. If you don’t see it at first, clear your cache and cookies and try again and it should work. Feedback is welcome so we can’t notify staff if it does or doesn’t work for everyone after those steps.


Thank you so much @fonthaunt - a solution that works! :slightly_smiling_face::sunny:

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YAY :heart_eyes: I just woke up from taking a :zzz: nap. I thought I was still dreaming reading your comment. :smile:


It works! I didn’t have to clear my cache or anything.

Clicking on contact support then clicking on the carrot :small_red_triangle_down: to select my activities was easy peasy. The linkage works, too. All gravy! :ok_hand:t4:

Thank you, Maddie! :hugs:

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Thanks really goes to the Fiverr techs, we just tried to get the info from this thread to them. I am happy to be the bearer of good news, though! :slight_smile:


Why doesn’t this surprise me?

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Maybe you’re secretly apart of the world-class :hammer_and_wrench: Tech team. :stuck_out_tongue:

Either way, I applaud :clap:t4: Fiverr Tech guys~n~gals for fixing this thingy. :sunglasses:

Um, how so? :grin:

A gotta get my beauty naps in yanno.