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"we can't force a buyer to accept an order"

Well, you should be able to customer support. You should. If it has been proven that the order is complete and the buyer is just asking for more and more information (say rejecting a gig twice of 50,000 words and asking for the whole lot to be rewritten because the information that they supplied me with was wrong) then it should be possible to force them to accept an order. It is just silly that this feature does not exist.

I came here to say what she said. They try to force us to accept all buyers orders. Sure we can try a mutual cancellation, but if the buyer declines then we have to drag our chains to the laptop and get to work.

There should at least be a (very) limited number of modification requests that the buyer can make before the system cuts him off and he has to accept the order. A buyer being able to just endlessly reject something because his communication skills are horrible is not conducive to business.

Woah… Sometimes retarded people just order a gig from me without messaging me first (which I clearly state) and they expect me to work for like a month for them just because they have $5 (from which I would end with like $3.80 or so anyway after fiverr and paypal). I need to eat too, you know?!

I really wish we sellers could instantly reject lame orders like that without having to waste extra time giving explanations to the “clients” as why their order is not reasonable, without having them approve the mutual cancellation option at all. My advice to new sellers around: beware, some clients are just poisonous and hard to deal with no matter what you do!