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We don't like it, please cancel

I swear the number of problem buyers I am having is going through the roof.

I just received this:

Hello, We would like to cancel this order as the brief was missed and hasn’t captured what we would like from the notes sent across. The quality isn’t what we are looking for and don’t feel that any revisions will be able to amend this. We do appreciate your time and effort put into this but this is really not what we are looking for. As a good will gesture for the time you spent happy for you to reimburse us just half the total order.

The brief in question here was to write 4 x 200-word service descriptions for a UK print company. I’m flabbergasted how someone has the nerve to casually lie and say the brief was missed. How? Did you receive a short story about an elephant instead of 900+ words about different retail applications of your specific printing technology and in-house graphic design services?

No, you got exactly what you asked for!

I also find it strange how buyers like this can apparently use Fiverr for several years and think that partial refunds are possible. All that this (and not asking for any revisions tells me), is that buyers like this are well seasoned when it comes to using Fiverr as a marketplace where they can pick and choose what to pay for.

Well, you can’t.

I really think that buyers should get an automated pop-up when raising disputes on orders. Specifically, one reminding them that canceling delivered orders out of personal preference is against TOS.


It is against TOS for them to ask for a refund because they don’t like it for any reason. You should copy and paste that part of the TOS to them and refuse.

One of the problems is that most sellers seem to agree to do it. I refused one recently in spite of dealing with non stop abuse for two weeks from him. CS was on my side.

He used the cancellation button and revision button at least 100 times and each time I immediately refused.

Until sellers stop agreeing to give refunds it will continue to happen.

I would have gone on for ten years or more if needed to keep refusing.


I’ve refused by saying:


Sorry, that’s not how Fiverr works or how I work. If you are not happy, you have the right (as stated in Fiverr TOS) to leave a review stating your dissatisfaction. Alternatively, you may request up to one revision with this order.

Kind Regards,


I don’t quote TOS directly as this can seem confrontational.

I really need to take a break from Fiverr now. Every week I’m just getting pulled lower and lower down by having to deal with people like this. It’s the repeated use of the same lies I can’t stand. It immediately tells me that this was always the planned outcome of an order. Then even if you fight your corner, all you really fight for is the merry opportunity of having a nice fat chargeback later.


I had a post about this a while ago Heads-up to all sellers!

I think this is related to that…buyers start to realize that there is nothing us sellers can do to make them pay. In my case it was a clear scam for re-fund and i was not able to do anything.

Bottom line is we sellers are not the ones bringing money to Fiverr. And there are tons of freelancers out there. So buyers are more important to Fiverr since they are the ones bringing the money.

You should really focus on setting something up. All this buyer has to do is go to CS and they will cancel the order. If it helps, my cancellation rate has been at its very lowest this month.

My buyer from hell sent all his messages to me in Spanish and there were about 60 of them. I translated each one of them and then translated all my responses into Spanish for him. It was 2.5 weeks of constant work.

He at first had a message in perfect English that began “dear I thought this was…” and went on to say he thought it was something different so he wanted a refund.

I was so mad I was determined he would never get a refund from me.

Never did he ask one question or mention one thing about what he had gotten.
There was no interest in that. Just in getting his cheapest possible order refunded.

Red flags from the beginning. :triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post::triangular_flag_on_post:

Never did he respond to one message or question I sent him. It was all threats and demands and lies. Non stop. Now I have a lying one star review but that’s ok.

Customer support was on my side all the time. I’m sure they haven’t seen anyone fight that hard over it but they were cheering me on.

I’m thinking about a freelancer name and shame site or #freelancelivesmatter campaign. I read that something staggering like 58% of all freelancers have experienced not being paid for work.

If you walk into a beauty store and buy age-defying cream which can help you look 10-years younger, you don’t go back a week later and say "Yeah, I’m still not passing for 15, please give me my money back."

Sadly, as soon as people have a computer screen between them and their morals, all the norms of society and civility go out the window. This needs to change. In fact, I bet that if anyone did a sociological study on freelancers as a silent, heavily exploited minority in the modern workforce, the results would be horrifying. Health problems, earning insecurity, harassment, abuse, these are all things we have to deal with daily.


Any time people think they can get work and demand refunds that’s free work so why not as long as people go along with it. Please if it happens do what I did and fight it.


its unbelievable…he/she just place order to cancel nothing more he/she wants i probbaly assume that,you have to contact CS. :anguished:

@rizwansb You don’t have to contact CS just refuse to cancel! Yes it’s a good idea to tell CS what’s going on and they will put a bad mark on that buyer’s name. They do not allow it from anyone more than once. Don’t get any ideas.

It’s confrontational the moment they try to scam you so why worry about being polite?

I’ve contacted CS 3 times this year. To me, this is more than should be necessary. I’m not a fan of pestering people for support constantly. Really, this matter should be a non-issue. I have declined to cancel. I don’t care if I receive an evil review.

In my mind, buyers like this break TOS by requesting free work. However, sellers who agree to cancel to avoid poor reviews, then break TOS themselves by what is essentially review manipulation.


It’s terribly pathetic that some people have to try this. I feel so sorry for anyone who has to do this. Especially to me. :smiling_imp:

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I’ve all ready raised my prices through the roof. And moving on to better things

The day Fiverr cancels one of my orders, is the day my gigs go pooooof!


I’ve never had CS cancel my orders. And after what I went through for over two weeks refusing to cancel that one buyer’s order and they all were talking about it, I’m sure they know my position on it now.


I had an answer recently as to why buyers are not leaving feedback. It’s because Fiverr is not making it easy to do so.
Had 2 buyers come back for a small revision a week later. I did it then they both left 5 star reviews


That’s what I thought. It’s hard when we depend on getting as many reviews as possible for our analytics. It’s bad when every review counts.


This is way too easy to say when someone has enough reviews, as you have, to hold the hit.

Unfortunately, sellers with low amount of reviews have no chance at all, specially if buyers show 99% possibility of leaving a bad review for whatever reason. Sadly, in those cases, you must choose between what does less damage and the best way to go is to cancel and move on…

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Update: This is just ridiculous.

My buyer is once again attempting to imply that I have missed their brief.

Hi Andy, thanks for getting back to me. I understand totally what you are saying and apologise for the inconvenience however, you totally missed the brief. If I went into a shop and asked for a specific item and the shop then packaged a different item and gave it to me, that would be mis-selling. If you would like the opportunity to make this right than can I suggest you read the brief properly this time? We asked 4 clear concise paragraphs broken down into sectors. This is to be written in the same style as the website XXX (web address already provided). Thanks

To clarify the context here, the website mentioned was mentioned in the original brief. However, this buyer explicitly stated that he liked another website better. In this case, the second website was that which I attempted to emulate the style of.

More importantly, the apparent problem here is that this buyer does not like how I have separated the 200-words they requested for each service section into separate paragraphs. They want 4 x individual paragraphs which are concise but composed of 200-words each.

Quite honestly, I do not know if this is a joke or what happens when someone reselling a service, clearly has no idea what they are doing.

So far, I have attempted to point this out by saying:


Please do not attempt to imply that I have not followed your brief. In your original brief/message, you made no mention of the XXX website. In your returned questionnaire, you stated that XXXXXX was your favorite choice of competitor to use for inspiration.

Neither of these websites features single paragraphs.

The exhibition page of XXX reads:


This is 3 paragraphs. It is not possible to write a readable single paragraph containing 200-words and also have this be concise.

The total word count of the above XXX website is 76, divided into 3 paragraphs. The corresponding page on the XXXXX website is composed of 3 paragraphs totaling 107 words. Asking me to write 200-words per section in single concise paragraphs, is like ordering a scooter and complaining that it does not have 4 wheels.

The content which I delivered to you incorporates sub-headings and more paragraphs per section, to allow for better SEO results, readability, and your request for 200 words per section.

I will happily edit each section down for you to 76-100 words. However, please note that this will still involve using more than a single paragraph and significantly reduce/eliminate any SEO ranking benefits.

Given the above, please advise what course of action you would like me to take in amending your order.

Also, the copy on both of these reference websites is appalling. Spelling mistakes alone like ‘cut vinyl grpahics’ are littered everywhere. Added to that, this buyer sent a 900+ word brief which included far more information than can reasonably be incorporated into even 4 x 200-word service descriptions.

Of course, my buyer has now gone completely silent after taking delivery of my logic bomb. What is really alarming here, though, is the fact that I keep having buyers who follow this pattern of “you missed the brief.” Followed by no real revision requests, just instant cancellation requests.

Either they are all the same person, the same group of people following the same MO, or it is becoming more widely known how to successfully execute scams on Fiverr.


Why is this? Because of the analytics or someone else?

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Oh my god are you working with my buyer from hell?

I’m having a similar issue with a client at the moment. She asked for content for two pages, and provided me with her website’s layout to follow when writing the content, so this is what I did. Upon delivery, she’s suddenly unhappy with the style (even though I have hundreds of samples right there on the gig page so she should have familiarised herself with my style) and has all these new requirements she claims were ‘clear from the beginning’ - like, she wants it to read like another website she likes.

She requested a revision with comments, a revision was delivered. Now she’s pushing for a refund because she had to ‘redo her website herself’, even though a quick look shows that she’s actually looking the content she couldn’t use.

I know I’m in the right and I’ve opened a case with CS with a pile of screenshots so fingers crossed they rule in my favour. But you’re right, it’s ridiculous and this should be a non-issue. To take your buyer’s example further, you can’t really go into a shop, say you’d like an item of clothing, get a skirt and wear it for a year, and then return it because this whole time you’ve wanted a pair of trousers. It’s just not how it works, I’m sorry.

Stay strong and don’t let this person get on your nerves.