We got Level 2 seller


Hello everyone! Just wanted to tell you that I got LEVEL 2 today!! I open this account long days ago. But actively start here late 3 months and now I’m here! Can’t believe this. I am really happy and excited. It has been a great experience.
Hopefully, this will bring me more sales!

Fiverr is a great source of income for me as I live in a slightly underdeveloped country where every dollar means a lot! Love you Fiverr!



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Congratulation, Carry on.


Thanks for your advice!! :slight_smile:



Good fo you! Keep doing what you’re doing!:blush::blush:


I wish you all the best!


best of luck to you


There was some problem. so, I delete this gig. :(:disappointed:


give reasons for your delete


Congratulation, but why did you delete your gig? it can be fixed in anyway, the most hardest part in fiverr is to start your gig working and getting sales.


I don’t know why fiverr denied my gig. You can see here.




Hello To ALL CONgrtx


Expert and Level two or senior seller can you please help me i need little help


Congratulations! and best of luck!


Congratulations!!! that gives us hope that we can reach there within the very shortest time, just like you did. :slightly_smiling_face:


hello @arslanbashirnaz how can we help you


You Cannot place Gig like this it will ban you account permanent, please read carefully terms and agreements, your gig violate Terms and agreement…


congratulations. Such posts do give inspiration to others to work hard and achieve their goal through fiverr