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We have your back... For added safety and your protection, keep payments and communications within Fiverr

What is this feature about? What types of protection Fiverr is going to provide? Any idea? What do you think?

I noticed this one when 2 days back I received new knocks from clients.



Sharing off Fiverr contact details is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.

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Didn’t actually understand what did you mean.

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It sounds like there was something in the messages regarding off Fiverr payment or off Fiverr contact details which is not allowed.

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I think it’s just a new thing they put above the first message from buyers who haven’t contacted a seller before.

Or maybe it’s now at the top of all of them if you page up enough.

It’s just a reminder in the conversation so you don’t break their rules and get in trouble by asking for payment/communication off-Fiverr (though I think Pro sellers are allowed to communicate off Fiverr in some circumstances and I assume some services require conversation off Fiverr if there’s an order for it). So it’s reminding you about the rules/TOS.


This is not flag actually. It’s shows by default whenever any new clients knocks. And I never ever asked payment outside of fiverr. Anyway thanks.

Yes that’s the thing. When new clients are knocking me, I am getting this one just above the first message. Anyway thanks.

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Thought maybe the new client might have mentioned this.

Looks like it is a new client general warning mainly for them.