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We Me Should Not Cry In The Forum - The Ultimate Discussion About Idiots


Recently we had a conversation about calling people “Dear”. But this is also something I hate, whenever I log in there are tons of people saying some of the below quoted nonsense. Well for the people that say those things, they are the very same reason that you aren’t getting orders.

“Dear frends from forum me is no get sales, this bad i send 10 bujer riquest a day and no sale stil”
“Me create profile two second ago need sale helpz pliz”
“Bujer sey me no standunder engliz me talk avesome and he put review with a an one star”

I can give you some tips. if you want to sell you gig you should be know how to write in English without google *** translate. I don’t say that I have the perfect knowledge of the English language but at least I know how to communicate with clients.

Next time before crying in the forum make sure that you gig descriptions aren’t in broken English, improve your communication, then after you start getting sales visit this forum for fun and for sharing your experience but not for spamming on every discussion possible that you haven’t got an order.


You made me laugh hard :joy:


thank u for advise me!

↑ this. Stop it!


*Thanks u for advize me!
Is the correct way.


Korrect boss.


Cangratulations u wan!


Standunder? :joy: That is criminal!

Gosh I badly want to proofread / spellcheck / edit your OP, @gig_freak :smiley:


That’s gonna happen when you become a moderator, and that’s not gonna be in a short time. :smiley:


Hahah! So true that is why it’s so funny :joy::joy::joy: