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We need a category to play board games! :D

Can you imagine a category of board games emerging in the forum to interact with friends and make the forum even more fun? :wink:

and that there is a small chat window to talk while we play.
but these phrases are not allowed: “hello I’m a new sellar / sollar, can I get more sales if I play?” haha xD :stuck_out_tongue:

what do you think? :wink:

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As cool as that may sound, why should a platform that is intended to help freelancers connect with potential Buyers need this?

To kill time that should be spent trying to find work?

Sorry, but I don’t see it working.

I don’t view Fiverr as a social network.

But you have to be optimistic, what if fiverr forum becomes a social network for entrepreneurs? :wink:

Then I’ll be gone.

That is not what I use this platform for.

Anyway, this would be a separate category, each person would choose whether to participate there or not :wink:

The forum itself isn’t really intended “to help freelancers connect with potential buyers” and if it was, then it’s doing a terrible job at it.

I definitely don’t stick around the forum to answer the same $%&*@!# five questions over and over, even though it seems that way all too frequently, so there definitely is a social element present.


Actually, I was referring to the platform itself.

Yes, the Forum is a bit more social.

I just don’t think games are a good way to spend time here.

I’d rather read posts and hopefully learn something along the way.

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