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We need a dispute resolution option

Is there a dispute resolution option? I ordered a song, and wasn’t happy with the result. I was thinking about how to improve it, and before I had a chance to reply, the order completed automatically. I gave a mediocre rating, thinking that we could resolve the dispute and I could improve the rating. Is this possible?

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Yes, as a buyer you can change your rating. You will get edit rating option. It will be very helpful to the seller.

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Hi Sharon. After delivery of an order, buyers have 3 days to look at it and request a revision; if they don’t, the order auto-completes, so the seller will eventually (those 3 days +14 (7 for TRS sellers) days) get the money for their work in case the buyer just disappears and never completes the order actively. It happens.

Now that you already left a rating, your seller could and would have to ask you to change your rating (which is possible once per order though discouraged and shouldn´t be done too often, so I don´t know if they’d like to do that), that needs to come from the seller though, you can’t change your rating once you gave it.

The usual procedure is to ask for revisions if one isn´t happy, before rating. But I understand that you let the order autocomplete somehow and so did not see the Revision request button perhaps.

If you want to contact the seller to ask them to do a revision now after you already rated, against a better review, that’s somewhat complicated because something like “if you do …, I’ll give you a better review” might be seen as a kind of blackmailing, plus the seller has no way of knowing you’d really change your review if he or she would do the requested changes. Perhaps in this case, since it’s a bit of after the fact, it might be better to go through Customer Support or at the least to word your revision request carefully so it won’t be misunderstood.

Good luck, either way, and maybe you’d like to look around here in the Buyer Help Center, there are a lot of articles about how all those “technicalities” work.


hi Sharon thank your for your post … you can change rating anytime if you are on pc . please contact the seller on fiverr and let him know that you need to change the product for better rating ! please give him an other chance before moving to next seller … good luck to you !

Stellar reply, @miiila!

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Does anyone know how often a seller is allowed to use the resolution center in the space of a week, day or month? Thanks.

Why would it be restricted to use resolution center to a specific amount of times?

Any order might need time modification, adding extras etc so you can use it as much as you need.

Okay. Many thanks for the response.