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We need a way to pause a gig because this timezone thing on overnights is crazy

None of my buyers read the requirements that go with the gig, well, 90% don’t. I rarely get the information I need to start and on an overnight order where something comes in from another country I end up with no way of communicating to them before the clock runs out. Because customer services is also slow, I often end up just winging it and I don’t think that’s professional. We’re not allowed to communicate offsite and I get why and agree to that, but if I can’t just call someone to ask them a question it’s not fair to penalize me for them not reading their emails.

We are rated and there is little we can do about fixing problems with our current system. I want the ability to pause the gig timer if they client does not read the requirements and send me what I need.

I’ve had to cancel several gigs and lose money because no one got back to me with the information within 23 hours of a 24 hour overnight gig.