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We Need Blackberry Fiverr App, Sellers with BB Comment Here


Android and Ipad users now enjoy Fiverr online notice by putting their fiverr app on online mode whereby the online green dot displays near their username and gigs on fiverr, am always online on my laptop but the green online dot doesn’t bimp for me and am also a BB addict it helps my business a lot, so let us appeal to Fiverr to also make Blackberry app available to we the BB Users, Blackberry is also a very good smartphone with many users all around the world, so please Fiverr make bb app available so BB buyers and sellers can also use their apps on their bb smartphone. If you have a Blackberry phone and support this please post your comment below.


I have a BB too and I’d like to see an app so I can work on the go!



Another blackberry user here too! We need an app. It isn’t too clean for us to keep checking our emails or the fiverr page for placed orders, or modifications


Yes we need a BlackBerry Fiverr App!

It does not cost anything to convert the android app to BB app.

As I have to write a lot on my fiverr services it would be really nice to use my BlackBerry.



Fiverr for bb needed!!


I need also. I’m also a big fan of blackberry.


The thread is nearly 4 years old, which was about the last time I saw anybody with a Blackberry to be honest. :wink:


Yes but one person needs it! He’s a big fan of it. Apparently they still sell them.


Yes, they still sell them but with ANDROID as the default OS… lol


I almost spilled my chai tea :tea: reading your comment. :joy:

Blackberry? :astonished: Do they still manufacture these phones. I had one back in the day, yanno when Ex-Prez Obama sported his. So, yeah that was like several years ago. :sweat_smile:


I’m using z10 from 2014 but I didn’t know about Fiverr. In Dec last, I joined to Fiverr as a freelancer. I realized that Fiverr apk was not working properly on bb10 then I started searching more. And I couldn’t stop myself from writing here.