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We need Feedback time limits

I hate it when buyers can just come back a year later and leave you negative feedback. Fiverr is the only website that lets this happen. There is a reason why time limits on feedback are necessary. If the buyer truly has a problem then they should talk about it while their order is still relevant. No feedback for a year should be an automatic positive rating.

This has been an ongoing topic on the ARS thread. Fiverr Rep said he watching this thread

for feedback.

Post your thoughts and maybe a Fiverr rep will read it.

Yes, of course.

Just got struck with a buyer who rated me poorly with the freaking star system from year ago. A YEAR AGO!!! He was happy! Ugh I am so mad.

There needs to be a time limit implemented… heck no more than a month or two at best… geeze!

Absolutely. We also need to revert to the normal rating system.

Under the old Fiverr there was a time limit for rating a gig. I think it was 10 days. When we went to version 2, they did away with it. I wonder why. More buyer bias.

Yes, of course there needs to be a limit.

People’s states change in a year.

Stop the insanity.

Definitely and agree with you!

Happened to me today :slight_smile: No one actually cared… I moved on.