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We need some help from Graphic Designers?

We’re new in Graphic Design Industry. As you may know fragglesrock is a web design studio from India, We need some real help from you (experienced graphic designers) guys.


How to deliver the order?? Ex: LOGO

Can we deliver the main files with watermark or with mockup only. If the buyer is happy then we will give them original .jpg, .png & vector files. Is that right??

How to increase customer satisfaction - LOGO Category??

When we started this work we’re so happy but then we realized it’s so difficult to satisfy the customer specially in LOGO category. Please help??

Why we need help??

Because of so many modification requests, We really hate this button :smiley:

If you need any help in WordPress, Please let us know :slight_smile:


First of all, you have to be very patient. As you know graphic design is subjective work. So, you always need to be ready to listen to the customers’ new requests. Remember that their satisfaction is the key to a successful gig and fiverr profile. So, do your best to satisfy their needs. Also, I can suggest you sending more than one logo concept to your customers. By giving more concepts to choose from, you can increase your customers satisfaction.

Reply to @gradev129: Thanks, You helped me a lot :slight_smile:

Hi @wpfalcon ,

I agree with @Gradev129 that this is a very subjective industry, among my other gigs I as well get 10x times more modification requests on the graphic services. It’s annoying, I know!

  1. Deliver the order in original PNG quality. But before you deliver, send a low quality JPG of the logo with hard gradient background via update message (in the order) and let him now you will deliver the original upon approval. Vector files should be paid extra.

  2. This way you will satisfy their need for best concept and improve communication since this is the best satisfaction booster.

  3. Write a policy in the description and provide a disclaimer about modification limit, and make a gig extra to buy more modifications. Or they will abuse this :slight_smile:

    It’s a smart move to state in the message that they have 1-2 modifications and if they don’t use it, they will have 5-10$ discount on next orders. This ways people are coming back for more business.

    Good luck!

Reply to @kreativa: Wow man, You are the best . Great tips from gr8 people :slight_smile: