We need the ability to download our portfolio!


I would like where we could download our work from when we hit deliver so that in the future we could show all of our work to new customers who want to see more of our work.


It would say download portfolio aka delivered work and it would be a .zip file


I’m not sure how you do your work, but when I had my book trailer gig up, I kept a copy of everything. I had a folder specifically for book trailers, and each buyer had their own folder. I did this so that I could better help repeat buyers, or if a buyer came back and said they lost their file and needed a new one, I could send it to them. So I had every video I ever made saved.

Do you not save your work? If not, you should. Then if you want to show more of your work, you have it on hand. Or you could make a slideshow presentation or something and put it on your gig page or on YouTube or something so you can point people to that.

There really is no sense in having a downloadable portfolio when you can just save the work you do. :wink:


Reply to @goodgift: Same here. I have folder in my laptop of around 500 different files, named by name of buyer. And if that doesnt help, you always have your work on gig page.