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We need to be able to report negative experiences

Why is it that we can only leave feedback if an order is completed? We should also be able to leave feedback for cancelled orders. I guarantee you that these so called 5 star sellers wouldn’t be 5 star sellers if it was possible.

I had an experience with 4.9 star seller who didn’t even follow a simple color scheme I provided in the directions. They also claim to be from the US and obviously are not due the time zone difference.

It ridiculous that we can’t leave negative feedback for things like this on their profiles. I’m sure I’m not the only one cancelling orders when a seller isn’t what they claim to be and it should be noted on a seller’s profile.


if buyer cancel the order it affects a lot to seller. seller’s profile may be flagged. i think cancelling the order is enough penalty for the seller. on fiver client is the king. if client has authority so i think buyer should not use it in negative way


I’m sorry that you had such bad experience. You can report CS about the fake profile information. Customer service will confirm their identity, location.


Buyers should be able to see negative experiences others have had and cancelled orders so that they can make a decision on the good and bad of a seller, not just the good.

Hmm … and how about sellers being able to leave the less than joyous experiences they’ve had with buyers? Seems fair …

Or not.

Sorry you had this experience, @erikcharles … but the truth is, it works both ways. Not, obviously, meaning you, but some buyers are just plain difficult and demanding. If sellers had the opportunity to leave bad reviews on the buyer’s profile after a cancellation, you’d see a whole lot more bad behaviour … and probably much swearing.

The fairest way is the way it is: when the project is completed, the buyer leaves a review and the seller has the opportunity to correct it if necessary.

If, on the other hand, the project is cancelled, the buyer may be left annoyed … but the seller doesn’t get paid, which for some of us is a major disaster.


Because you can only rate a service you have paid. Otherwise people could order, cancel (thus getting their money back) and leave a bad review just to harm the seller’s business.

There’s a “Report” button on every seller’s profile, you can click on it, choose the “misleading profile” option, and explain why you’re reporting the seller. Or, you can submit a ticket to Customer Support and report the seller.


Show me one one other legitimate place where you can leave a review for an item you have not purchased or a service you have not paid for.

Amazon, Tripadvisor, and Yelp constantly see businesses and individuals suffer as a result of targeted malicious reviews left by competitors and random people with axes to grind.

You have had a negative experience and you have apparently been successful in securing a refund. If you had read Fiverr TOS before signing up and using Fiverr, you would be aware of the fact that you can not leave reviews on cancelled orders.

You might have a legitimate grievance. Sadly, the vast majority of people who would like to leave reviews for sellers regardless of whether they have worked with them or not do not. To implement this feature, Fiverr would have to invest a considerable amount of money in hiring review moderators and the like.

It is easier and healthier for everyone to just use the tools Fiver makes available to get a refund when things go wrong, before moving on. Otherwise, you just risk opening a big Pandoras box of evil.


@cyaxrex … You’re what’s wrong with fiverr. You didn’t even comprehend what I wrote yet you are commenting. Your bias as a seller that does not wish to have negative feedback on their profile is obvious.

I said that I did place an order. I’m pretty sure you can’t place an order without paying for it.

Your assumption that I didn’t read the TOS is incorrect. I did read the TOS. I’m not saying “I did’t realize you couldn’t leave negative feedback.” I’m saying you SHOULD be able to.

It’s not a random review when you actually place an order and it’s gets so messed up you have to cancel. It’s healthier and more beneficial to buyers to see other buyer’s negative experiences as well as the positive.

Totally agree with this! Uber seemed to figure this out pretty earlier. That’s why both sides (buyers and sellers) have review ratings.

Everyone has comprehended exactly what you’re saying. You had a cancellation, you got refunded all your money, yet you’re angry that you can’t leave a scathing review about the person who worked for you as well. The person who will have received zero money for the work they did for you.

What you’re proposing is not feasible. The alternative, which would have allowed you to leave a negative review, would have been to forfeit the cancellation, and lose your money instead. Then you’d be free to write what you wish, as you would have actually purchased something. Whether you like it or not, this is fair. This is done to protect sellers from those who would buy gigs just to leave a negative review, then take the refund, then rinse and repeat.

I simply don’t understand why you feel you should be entitled to benefits you waived when you took a cancellation and full refund?


Wow. I don’t think there is any need for tone there but righty ho. Each to their own.


Yeah - the difference is that Uber actually provides the service before getting a review. You apparently want to review the driver before getting into the car …


Because I cancelled the order and accepted a refund doesn’t discount the facts that I stated above … nor does it alert future buyers of the negative experience I had with this seller.

I feel “entitled” to leave feedback on my experience with this seller because … I ACTUALLY had experience in dealing with them. It’s a pretty simple concept.

Leaving negative feedback doesn’t get the project done for the client. My simple little project was poorly done…I could not get a reply from the designer I worked with … and the project “automatically completed” in three days. So I’m left with a product I can’t use as is. Leaving the Designer or even Fiverr itself negative feedback doesn’t get my project completed to the simple specs I provided. My first experience with Fiverr was my last.

No. I was in the “car.” They took me to the wrong destination. If it was Uber I could leave a negative review and get my money back.

If you needed a revision to make it how you wanted you could have requested a revision in that time and it wouldn’t have automatically completed at that point (assuming revisions were including in the gig).


It is simple. It’s also deeply flawed and impractical, for all the reasons I’ve already made clear.


@terrilorrain You’re right about that. I just wish I could review the positive and negative experiences buyers have had with a particular seller before deciding on whether to go with them or not. I’m just not going to use Fiverr for creative design work.

Well, you didn’t go anywhere with this project and you got your money back. So now you can find someone else with the knowledge (pun intended) to get you where you want to go. Move on.


If you choose to get a refund, you forfeit the right to leave a review. It’s a measure taken to protect sellers from blackmail, verbal abuse, and other fun stuff that comes with being a seller on the site. I’d argue, it’s the only protection that still actually works.

You didn’t use the product so you can’t review it. TripAdvisor doesn’t let me review that dang hostel in Amsterdam that lost my booking and was rude about it on the phone. I mean, I’d love to hit them with a 1* because I’m still a bit upset but I can’t because “there is no proof I’ve stayed there” (because I didn’t).