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We need to be able to report negative experiences

Seems to work on Google, Facebook, Yelp, The Better Business Bureau, and … on and on.

@lenasemenkova I did use it. That’s the point you and many other are missing. I had a negative experience that I’d like others to know about. It’s not some random person leaving random feedback.

It’s interesting how the point is being missed by all of you sellers on here.

You’re mistaking ‘missing the point’ with ‘fundamentally disagreeing with you’.


Yeah, I did go somewhere. The wrong place.

I have moved on … to a completely different service.

Are you saying that you are using the work your seller delivered? Or when you say “I did use it” are you meaning that you did use the seller you ordered from?


I’m not getting deeply into it given the overall “you people” tone but you can’t use the delivery if you got a refund. It’s against the ToS.

If by “using the product” you mean having a negative interaction/experience that led you to get a refund while you decided not to use the final delivery, it’s just like my TripAdvisor example. The platform you chose doesn’t consider it “using the product”.


@cyaxrex @lenasemenkova I used the service not the design. The requested design was not only bad (which I understand is in the eye of the beholder to a certain point) but it so far off of what I ordered that it only made sense to cancel the order. The seller didn’t even provide the right color scheme that was given in the instructions.

It’s not a “you people” tone. It’s a “you sellers on here” because as of right now, only sellers on this thread have a problem with someone leaving negative experience feedback.

Hi, yes, I did request a revision immediately…he did not reply to my request and the project auto-completed while I was waiting for either his reply or the revision.

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I’m with you! No more Fiverr.

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Well, at least the nightmare is over. Just out of curiosity, though, would you mind enlightening us to where it is you are off to?

Having freelanced professionally since 2012, I’m well versed with every reputable platform there is. I’m also well aware that most freelancers here operate on several platforms, none of which (at least to my knowledge) allow buyers to leave feedback on orders which are cancelled.

Where is this magical land of buyer bliss? I buy occasionally, I want to know!


Amen. Same for buyers. A buyer cancelled an order just because it “wasn’t what he wanted” even after I did all the work. He now is able to steal my work, and I got no money for it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


That shouldn’t happen like that. If it did it was a bug/you could contact CS. An order should only go to auto-complete 3 days after the initial delivery or 3 days after delivery of a revision (if no further revision is requested in that time) if you used the “I need a revision” option to request it. It shouldn’t/won’t auto-complete if the status is “in revision”. Though you need to have selected the “I need a revision” option for that and not just asked for one through a message.


People would exploit this and use it to defame competitors.


I agree. I have been having the worst experience with sellers not following directions nor proofreading their work. I have given very detailed instructions and still have to keep getting revisions. They are a waste of time. I cancelled one order and the seller declined to cancel then he cancelled so that it wouldn’t look bad for his ratings. Some sellers do not deserve the misleading ratings that are displayed. I put a post on Upwork today because I’m a bit over some of these Fiverr freelancers.

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A seller denied my request to cancel then he put a request in to cancel the same order. I’m sure so that it would look bad on me not him. I’m really sick of dealing with these Fiverr freelancers.

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Quite a big percentage of those are using both platforms, btw.

PS Are we allowed to use the U-word now?


Exactly. However, there seems to be a surreal belief that the freelancers on different platforms are separated by giant walls, different rules, and worlds of difference when it comes to the quality of deliverables.

In reality, the platform mentioned is where the worst talent floods to first before people find Fiverr. - Hence why so many sellers here get so many requests to open accounts on behalf of other people on that platform. .

The anger, “you people” attitude, and “it’s the Fiverr brand that is the problem” sentiments here, are illogical and indicative of a likelihood that these buyers are going to run into similar problems everywhere when it comes to their budget and freelancer selection process.


I had no idea. LOL…I’ll watch my mouth

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Ahhh…therein lies the problem. I didn’t use the “I need a revision” option! I replied directly to the Designer’s message wherein he kindly stated: *If there are any problems, please let me know. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. *

I did let him know via reply message, which he did not reply to. Nor did I see a “I need a revision” option anywhere on the page. Oh well, lesson learned. Thanks!

I’m sorry…I don’t understand your question: … “where it is you are off to?”

I didn’t cancel the order…I only asked for a revision per the specs I provided with my original project request.
Moments ago, it was brought to my attention there is an “I need a revision” option to be selected rather than communicating the request directly to the Designer in a message (which is what I did).

So, perhaps I may give the Designer the benefit of the doubt.

I will add, also, I gave the designer praise in a message to him as I was pleased with the work he did, but I required a simple revision to conform to my precise specs.

Anyway, it’s all good. I think for the reasonable price, I got “near” what I wanted and may still use it.