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We NEED to block buyers

It’s mandatory.

There are some buyers that simply don’t get it. We need a tool to get rid of them and to prevent them from purchasing our gigs or contacting us.

Please. PLEASE. I’m willing to PAY for this feature.


I’m asking this for for years. This would be one of the best improvements here.

Indeed, some buyers don’t get it at all.

I have to think on the one to whom I explained that seen the conversation I’m not willing to do any job for him, no matter how much he is willing to pay. We just weren’t a good match.
His reply was: so when will you send me your custom offer, so we can start the project?


I am a new seller, and I think being able to block a seller would be useful. I also eBay and I have had some sellers there I have blocked.


That makes them want it more, when you refuse. They also pay zero attention to anything you say.

Yes, rejection creates obsession.
If you want to make use of it to your advantage, it works all the time. To little sellers see that.


I refused two $5 orders from a repeat buyer. I didn’t not offer anything else, just refused. He then placed a $125 order. That time I reluctantly accepted the order.


Right on!

Especially sellers who have a track record and a reasonably low cancellation rate.

I’ve had people who didn’t want to pay for what they are asking, ordering one thing, but sending specs/scripts for things WAY outside the price of the gig they ordered.

I cancel on them, they order again a week later.

My cancellation rate is around 3% over 3000+ gigs. There are a few buyers who I won’t work with anymore, but they try to order occasionally. (I had one guy send me the same order via different accounts… )

Thankfully I don’t have many of those problem buyers. Most of my repeat buyers are wonderful.

I’ve wondering if CS does anything when someone orders again and again after we tell them we won’t work with them?


Been there… I just didn’t reply from one point and after. Sometimes they placed order, even if I wasn’t speaking to them after I had clarified many times I didn’t want to run projects with them, so I contacted customer support and they closed the order without any negative results on my account.


Hearing of this buyer abuse experience from established sellers here makes me feel like I don’t stand a chance in Fiverr. I’m a new seller here, after months of not getting orders I finally made a breakthrough and things were looking up. My clients were happy and left fantastic reviews. Then it happened… a 4 star rating from a new buyer which just reduced my overrall rating to 98%. The buyer actually said he liked my work and thinks that I’m an excellent designer blah blah but still left 4 stars for all, communication etc. It just does not make sense, gave no opportunity to me to remedy even. When I asked if there was a problem… the buyer said, no problems just it was not perfect but its ok… What?? sigh Now I am worried he will order again and just keep leaving low ratings just because he feels like it. They don’t understand how Fiver works that reputation really matters here. I still left him a 5 star review as I did not want to indulge in a tit-for-tat loop with buyers generally… in the end I know, I will be the one to suffer. Sadly, there is no option to block future orders from this buyer… so I guess, I will be at their mercy. :frowning:
I second the motion to block buyers when needed, to afford some protection to Sellers.


Hey there
Thank you for sharing your story.
What I would advice is the following:
a) Explain that you are new in fiverr and you have only a few feedback and a bad one affects you a lot and he/she may feel ok to change it to 5 stars.
b) If (a) do not work it is ok. Don’t be sad. It will not hold you as back as you may think it will.

Keep up doing good work and don’t let minor situations hold you back.


Thank you @aggelosmariospa for your encouragement and inspiring advice. I did try (a), short of telling the buyer specifically to change the rating to 5 stars and it did not work. Can’t be too demanding, in a delicate situation so I just let it be. I want to believe that it will not affect other buyer’s perspective and I will continue to persevere and hope for the best.
I read somewhere (google) that if a gig is deleted, all reviews including bad reviews will be removed as well, is it true?


I do not think this is true. I believe for that you should better contact customer support…


Asked for the same many years ago to prevent sellers from fraud buyers. But I think Fiverr will never introduce this feature as they’re mostly buyer oriented.


That is a very nice way of expressing it :smiley:


Momma said there’d be days like these. There’d be days like these Momma said.

Ya’ pays ya’ money and ya’ takes ya’ chances.

Success to you all and greetings from Cancun.


Ya know… I really went for the gusto on that last tirade. It may be my forum masterpiece. Which begs two questions:

  1. What kind of person says forum masterpiece?
  2. Am I really understanding this whole time management thing?

I dont know about this but your fingers need a massage after typing all this.

P.S Create an anonymous poll about who read it whole.


My only 4* rating was given by some random woman that showed up, ordered a 5$ gig, got it in like 10 minutes, said it was wonderful, marvelous and gave the 4 stars. When I asked her what was wrong, she said she never gives 5 stars for voiceover work. Then she asked me to produce another custom order for another 5$ gig, wich I obviously refused.


YES Very nice…


My first one star review was from a mentally ill woman who lied and said I delivered the order in minutes when I actually delivered in four hours. I had tried to help her by chatting for hours with her and it became apparent she was verbally abusive to everyone she ever was in contact with, then was angry that they avoided her.

Almost every day I remind myself never to try to help people.

I had decided that wow this lady is terribly ill and I never want another order from her when I had been chatting with her, but then forgot about her and she was able to place another order to turn on me as she did on everyone she ever knew. Had there been a block feature she would have been blocked. She set off alarm bells as I learned about how she deals with everyone she meets.