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We Need Unified Gig Pricing Changes Fiverr!

Hi Fiverr’s

Recently I was happy to be knee deep in orders. So much so I needed to have some control over the orders that were been received. However I did not want to simply place selective gigs on hold or stop the flow of orders. Instead lowering my word count in order to raise the value without changing the starting price. Effectively raising the cost across the board but making longer voice scripts more expensive. But having 6 gigs with similar pricing takes me 15 minutes every time I do this. Fiverr needs to have a way to change gig listings in a Unified way. When the flow slows down a little I reset my pricing.

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As a proofreader, the system you use to

is the same way I raise prices.

However, I am not sure how Fiverr could do an “across the board” change to all of my gigs. :thinking: But I am not literate in programming, so I do not know if it is even possible to do. :confused: However, it would make changing prices easier. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Having descriptions, pricing , etc all on one page for all gigs would be a great time saver. It gets very difficult to organize them individually.

Especially when you have many gigs. :wink:

Only have 6 right now

I have 5, all with packages, but it does not seem like it takes that long to change the word count on all of them. But then again, I have never timed :stopwatch: myself either. :grin:

Changing stuff on the fly would be awesome. Especially when your fine tuning key words and description. Maybe I’m just lazy

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