We need video presentation


I had bad experiences lately here on fiverr with bad buyers and I am seriously thinking about closing my fiverr account :expressionless:

I dont want to be a peasant, but how can I not be, when stupid buyers or just another users steal my work and use it illegally.<br /> What I feel in this moment is that it would be great if we could have a video presentation. And this video presentation should be a MUST. Not a video for every gig, but a video as our profile pic is. A MAIN video to present ourselves.<br /> This will also help us reduce fraud here on fiverr. I know my english is not the best, but I am sure you got the idea. Think about this.<br /> <br /> Well, at least I have someone to sue and get some money, but it is not my favorite activity.<br /> When I heard about this, my eyes started to burn, I hate cheap people! And I dont like that fiverr do not take serious measures to reduce fraud.


You still can sue though.

Maybe get a lawyer to write a letter to fiverr to release details about such accounts, afterall they need to withdraw their money to somewhere which has their personal details.

But I understand your frustration.

I am too going through some negative experience but its a small one, Im the buyer, the seller is incompetent.