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We Need Your Help with FAQ's

We have a goal to get these frequently asked questions answered but we need community help! FAQ mostly relies on peer answers including volunteer admins. Sometimes the answer can be provided with a link to another post, help article or Fiverr blog article. Other posts may need step-by-step instructions or a brief explanation. The only answer may be to let the user know about how to submit a ticket.

If you see a post in FAQ with 0 comments and you think you know the answer, please help by adding a polite comment. If you see a question and others have answered only partially, incorrectly, or in a manner that is impolite or poorly written, please add a correct answer. The admin team will mark these as resolved routinely so everyone can make better use of this category.

If you need some downtime between gigs or are in a helping mood, there are unanswered/partial-answered posts in FAQs below page 1. Scroll down and help us resolve these too!

One thing to keep in mind: In some categories (like the Ranting Pot) replies that are a little snarky can add some levity and work out. In FAQ, though, it’s harder to consider a post resolved unless the answer is fairly clear and reasonable. We REALLY appreciate your help with resolutions!

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I’ll use this spot to add some common answers you are welcome to copy as-is or self-edited if you think it is the right answer. If you can add some more polite and common answers that could be used for copy/paste, reply with yours!

Heads up: Posts normally are not edited by moderators unless the break ToS. In this one thread, though, spelling or other errors may be corrected to make them copy paste ready and posts or answers may be removed without notice if they aren’t a good fit. If you see errors or typos in my post here, please reply so I can fix it.

EZ Answers 1:

(CS): Contact Customer Support. One method for this is to go to and click the upper-right hyperlink to submit a ticket. Or, click here to create a ticket:

(Seller Pay): See these articles about withdrawing revenues or using some common payment systems:

(Payoneer): For Payoneer Questions, look at an older but valuable thread that includes contact information for Payoneer:
Also, you can reach Payoneer support here:

(Gigs In Search): If you created your gig recently, it takes time to be indexed in search. Fiverr does not guarantee gigs will show up in search or in a particular place in search. Some gig types are much less likely to ever show up in search, such as any that break the Terms of Service of another site (i.e. Facebook) or those that elicit complaints from 3rd party sites (i.e. Google.)

(Privacy Reasons): This answer was given in an older post and was a great summary of the reasons for seeing the error regarding a user that cannot be contacted for privacy reasons. Credit for this answer goes to @sabiansoldier :
Its not an error- either

  1. The person has blocked you
  2. The persons account has been deleted / suspended
  3. You have blocked them

(Allowed links, URL):

(TRS) :

Reply with yours!


I’m so sorry to put this here, but I tried to start my own post and it keeps telling me Error: Forum ID is missing. I don’t know how to get around that. My post was going to be: I’m having trouble contacting Fiverr. The main page won’t show up. Just shows the circles working for hours, and this has been happening for days… I need to order a gig ASAP! How am I supposed to ask them for help? Submit a Request doesn’t help because it won’t let me type anything specific, and none of their little topics apply.

Again, sorry for cluttering this topic with that, but I can’t find another way!

For this kind of thing in the future, use the forum search and try keywords like “forum ID missing.” That search could have led you to this answer:

Good luck!

Thank you!

Glad to help!

Glad I’m not the only one who go stuck there, I just added a post to Fiverr and got stuck. I didn’t have to search for the fix, but it did throw me back a bit.

As you say in that discussion you never used to have to select a catergory.

I’ve been meaning to check in here since you mentioned it on tips for sellers. I think I’ll check this section of the forum in future instead of tips for sellers. There are already many people checking that catergory.

This category has a lot of good stuff, especially when it’s a basic Q&A instead of long posts or lists.