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We’re Making a Change to the Header Menu!

Hello Fiverr buyers and sellers! Some exciting news to share with you today. We’re giving the header navigation a spring clean and a makeover! Reorganized the items in the menu to give it a fresh new look.

Why Are We Doing This?

It was about time! And we wanted to make it easier for our community of buyers, sellers, and perusers to find the important pages and actions they need to help them get their jobs done, faster.

So What Does the New Menu Look Like?

  • We’ve regrouped the key menu to help you easily access what you use most.

  • Your key user actions are grouped together in the user menu: update your profile; view your dashboard; invite your friends; and get assistance from our Help Team.

  • Keep the items in your shopping cart handy!

  • Easily access to your key buyer tools to keep your projects on track.

  • Quickly reach your key seller tools to efficiently manage all your orders.

  • You can easily switch between your message and notifications, or quickly view them all.

  • Engage with the community or learn more about how to buy, sell, and succeed on Fiverr.

When Will I See It?

We’re launching to 20% of the community today, and ramping it up over the next couple of days.
Should you have specific feedback or see anything broken please let us know. And like with any design change, we recommend you give it a bit of time to get use to!


Nice update. I like it


It’s always rewarding seeing how Fiverr is trying to improve the UI and user experience. So far you haven’t disappointed me! :wink:

:bulb: Joe


I like switching between message and notifications.


nice and very timely

I had a small panic cos I thought my dashboard had disappeared, but now I’ve found that, I am a happy camper! Thanks for the update! :smile:


I’m going to miss my old iconic menu :confused: (I mean the menu with icons:) New Messages tab is supper cool :sunglasses:


The update is cool! Fiverr always keeps its users happy by frequent modifications, that too consulting the end users! Great! :smile:


I like having the notifications and inbox messages in the same menu - very handy!


Looks snazzy!

Any chance Fiverr has also made changes to Sellers profile/home page, specifically the Gig Thumbnails? I’m experiencing once hovering over each gig thumbnail a white pop-up with commands. Also noticing my gigs are not lined up/formatted as they previously were. Could this be a “Bug”, or system Glitch? Is it related at all?

Many thanks


That was yesterday’s improvement - looks as if we’re getting them on a daily basis!


It’s very looking nice and very easier to buyer and seller. Thanks a lot to the Fiverr team for this feature.


I like it, however I wish there was still a heading for ‘dashboard’ as I typically operate from that page the most. Hovering over something and clicking to get there doesn’t seem as efficient imho


@leahemme: Have you gotten yours? I still see the dashboard on one of the images he provided…

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Nope dear, It isn’t a bug. Try switching between view as a seller, and view as a buyer, you’ll see the difference and recognize the fine craft therein. :wink:

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This is the same menu though, right? It’s just regrouped into different submenus. And some menu options are changed from icons to text.

I prefer text links to icons, actually.

Can we add Custom Orders to the cart with standard Gig offerings?

I think the notifications/inbox combination is a bad idea though. I constantly get notifications. Almost never inbox messages. Now I won’t be able to see there is an inbox message specifically, which for me is a lot more important than the notifications.


I like it.Now it’s easy to navigate through links :slight_smile:

Yeah and I said I wish I didn’t have to hover to get there… I’d prefer it as a main heading like ‘community’.

I agree with @artlifeoriginal; grouping messages and notifications seems odd, but I guess I can get used to it, just feels weird for now


Sweet change! I really like how you guys manage “Notifications” & “Inbox” in “Messages section”. :heart_eyes: