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We’re making a change to the Video & Animation Category!

TLDR; You may need to update your gig gallery!

What are we changing?
Starting from the 1st March it will be mandatory for all gigs in the Video & Animation category to have a gig video.

What do I need to do?
If you don’t already have a video of your work (not including deliveries) you will need to upload one before 21st March 2017!
To do this:

  • Go to My Gigs page and edit your gig
  • Go to Gallery tab
  • Make sure to read the tooltips for the video upload
  • Upload your video

Why are we doing this?
It’s important for buyers to be able to see a samples of your work in order for them to understand what you offer and your level of professionalism. Gigs with good quality, useful videos have a much high buyer engagement.

What should be included in my video?
Your video should have high production quality and be representative of what you will deliver. The most successful videos contain your “value prop” messaging as well as actual samples of your work. Do not simply post a prior delivery without context.

What if I need help with my video?
Services in the Video & Animation category will generally require you to have professional video skills, so we expect this won’t be an issue for sellers. Should you need help polishing you video, check out our Fiverr expert audio/video talent here. A great script can really help explain your gig to potential buyers - If you need help writing your script for the video check out our scriptwriting talent here.

What if I don’t upload a video by date TBD?
Your gig will be rejected and would be in a pending status until you upload a video.


I understand the reasoning behind Video & Animation gigs needing a video to sell it’s services, but to be honest I’m at a loss as to why it’s going to be mandatory. If a gig doesn’t have a video, isn’t that natural selection at work? Or is this a way to identify sellers who are no longer active and pause their gigs? What about non-active sellers who have videos?

There’s been recent forum discussions actually where some buyers have stated their dislike of gigs with videos in categories that don’t need them. Where do you get your stats from that say there is ‘much’ (subjective, can you be quantitative?) higher buyer engagement? is this only in the Video & Animation category?

Can you assure us that this mandatory requirement won’t migrate to other categories?


I’m not a fan of mandating a video. It’s the seller’s loss if they choose not to add one.
My script writing gig falls into the video/animation category and there is absolutely no need for a video.


sir i have a question @mjensen415

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It will soon do so after testing the waters on this category.


Like it or not, video sells far better than text, in almost any category. Look at the ads out there. They can put in a static text ad, or add photos/voices/moving pictures. The world is going video, across a huge set of markets.

Most people want to buy from people, not faceless services.

It’s smart for them to do this. People who don’t do it will get temporarily shut down (they probably aren’t that active anyway) and it raises the entry level for everybody in that category. GOOD!

In my mind it’s a good thing for the overall platform. Every time they raise the bar a little, those who are serious have less people doing the absolute minimum. The minimal sellers often lead to the type of “I can’t find any good sellers” messages. Those types of sellers don’t help, they just lower the overall quality.

The sellers in this forum are the type who do a bit more, or they wouldn’t waste their time learning/tweaking and finding better ways to do business and showcase their talent.



When I first read the title, my heart raced, because I was secretly hoping you guys would start asking sellers for
proof of ownership for their creations.

Or if they actually buy their animations elsewhere, proof of legal licensing.

Like actual proof that their service is user generated and not “borrowed” from another website.
(looking at you amazing logo intro guys who have libraries of thousands of logo animations but you never accept further customization)

Oh well… :unamused:


I guess they’re dropping the “anonymous” part…
well, maybe not. It’s not like they will actually verify it’s the Seller in the video. Or even a person.

I think they may reevaluate when their AWS bill goes through the roof though :slight_smile: People seem to forget that video files are large.

This is a great development, for I don’t see why a Video & Animation gig will not have a video itself! Thanks for this development, it’s awesome!

I don’t see why this is mandatory. Also, the past video work shows in the gig for all those people who bought from the gig and chose to allow their content to be shown as an example.

How is a gig video really “representative of what you will deliver” when the gig videos get displayed at just 848x470 or 848x478, and what is delivered can be 1280x720, 1920x1080 or can be higher (eg. “4K”)? Who delivers in 470p (and why encode it at (just) 478p and display at 470p?).

Totally agreed. Id love to see more on that topic.
I believe this is the beginning, along with the phone verification and more ‘quality checks’ that will come in the future :slight_smile:

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Videos sell. Videos engage. Videos help the (potential) buyer process information faster than text. We all process video faster and better than text. As a buyer, I would choose a seller that have a video in their gig over a seller who did not, particularly in a Video and Animation category.
Even if the seller was a newbie, with no order, but had a video it’s more likely that I would think (right or wrong) that even if the video isn’t HD quality, i’m more concerned with the content.

Are there restrictions as to the resolution of video to be used? I want to be sure because I do not suppose that could be a problem!

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If you upload a gig video (ie. one used to promote your gig), whether you upload a 1280x720 version or a 1920x1080 version (or I assume higher), it will get re-encoded at Fiverr’s side to a 848x478 version.

So even though when someone orders your gig (if you have a gig in the video & animation section) you can upload a 720p or 1080p version for them when delivering the order (or probably higher, like 4K), the res promoting your gig will be no more than 848x478 (and the tags specify 848x470). So the line saying “Your video should have high production quality and be representative of what you will deliver.” doesn’t really apply - the gig promo video won’t be representative of what you deliver if what you deliver in your orders is 720p or 1080p or higher (as what gets shown in the gig promo is less, at about 848x478).


I get your point now, uk1000!