We really hate buyer's review!



After The order was completed after 3 days, my buyer did not request any modification and after about 2/3 weeks he comes and write a really bad review ! its not my fault !! i contact buyer and customer support but without any help,

Maybe if they update the system the orders who automatically marked as completed the will buyer will not be able to write a review

i don’t know what to say :confused: my Positive Rating is 94% and that really bad for me ! i have $428 Earned This Month thats good , but i guess its the end! i will not receive any order in the future :confused:



Hamza Zbaakh

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I feel you :slight_smile: Unfortunately this is what Fiverr has become.


Reply to @cre8iveartwork: I hate " Unfortunately " word too :confused:


Try to keep your calm and speak to the buyer. Words can solve a lot of things.


Reply to @skproductions: Trying with many messages! but the words is not a solution !

you ask him to change his review of something he should already ask for modification


Reply to @heamzadesign: I understand your stress and confusion. Continue providing high quality services and his ranking will disappear in between all the amazing reviews. I feel sorry for you!


That sucks, you can either reply the review, message your buyer (assuming you can, that’s not always possible), or refund the order to remove the negative review. I don’t know if that will raise your rating, usually it doesn’t.


Reply to @skproductions: thanks so much!


Reply to @fastcopywriter: If i refund the order and ghe rating stay like this so why i will lose it?


I agree. I think the whole rating system is flawed. You do a great job and get 4.5 stars, your positive rating goes down. This is plain injustice. I think Fiverr should remove the star rating system and resort to the whole thumbs upthumbs down approach that it had earlier.

Well I think if you found the buyer to be unresponsive then you should have cancelled the order. A little percentage bump to the cancelled orders is way better than loosing a chunk of your positive rating.


It happened to me as well. I am trying a lot to keep my rating 100% but few days back i got a order form a buyer and i delivered him outstanding work even he placed a an extra gig for my well done job but i don’t know why he post a review in between 3.5 to 5 star. I sent several messages to him but he doesn’t reply me yet. I am still waiting to get my review changed but he is not replying.


Reply to @dadoc93: i agree with you too, but there’s a prob! if i cancel an order or many then Cancellation rate with be too much big ! and i will lose my level 2 badge! this is the prob!


Reply to @strokelogocomp: They dont know that the bad review affect our rating ! when i deliver an order i told them DO NOT GIVE ME LESS THAN 5 STARS! if you’re not satisfied to give 5 stars ! then request modification to be satisfied 100% to give 5 stars! but i dont know what happened with this buyer


I did the same whenever i deliver any work to buyer. I used to sent a note in which i explain if you are not satisfied with my then feel free to message me or asked for modification. I will give you my best as much as i can.


Reply to @strokelogocomp: You have nothing to do more dude! if they replace the stars from the review’s to order completed and order cancelled then its will be great 101 order completed vs 5 cancelled :blush: pretty awesome


Reply to @heamzadesign: You refund to remove the negative review, if it bothers you. If it doesn’t bother you, then you don’t refund. I had 22 negative reviews, now I have 18. That makes me happy although I know it doesn’t improve my rating. I wish it did. It’s very hard to be a 100% seller, I’m always impressed by the people that keep that rating after hundreds or thousands of orders.


I would start by contacting the Buyer, educate them on the features Fiverr has available for them and the affect of rating on you as a Seller. We do understand your frustration!


Reply to @thepromogirl: i do contact the buyer but he wont answer me :frowning:


Reply to @heamzadesign: If that’s the case (say, you’ve contacted them more than once) I’d rate them accordingly too. Your review will be displayed on their page as well, be sure to be detailed and highlight the issue they caused.

Note: You can you call always revise this at a later date should the Buyer and you gain a mutual understanding.


One bad review is not the end. Don’t be so dramatic. What most buyers look to see is how professionally you reply to the review if there is one bad one but all others are positive.

It happens in business, not everyone will leave a perfect review. Also, sometimes people come back to things several weeks later because if they aren’t a regular buyer, but they come back to get something else, they see notifications waiting for them in their account that says please leave a review.

What kind of gig was it for?