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We sellers always get exploited on fiverr

A customer ordered my transcription gig, I delivered her work.

She said there were mistakes in the first line.

I agreed that I committed some mistakes in first attempt. ( mistakes of just 3-4 words, that she could have corrected as she pointed out were in first line only.)

But I completed it very nicely in second attempt .

I didn’t use any transcript machine neither i know how to use one.

Then she said she wants to cancel the order. It clearly meant that she wanted her work done for free. This is because the transcript that I gave her later was 100% accurate.

When I said that please don’t cancel it as I have put all my efforts and hardwork in completing that order, she left a negative review.

Now I have sent many messages. I am even ready to give her any service worth $5 for free but she is not replying. I as a seller did what which I was given. Instead of that, I got negative review. . I completed my duty . It has decreased my ratings to 99%. I have completed over 150 orders and this is the first time I got a negative review from such bad customer.

On fiverr we sellers are often exploited by buyer.

Sometimes a buyer demands an extra without ordering it.

sometimes they want to cancel the order after getting their work saying they don’t like it or they ordered it by mistake or they have given it to someone else. Please find a solution for that.

It is very disheartening for us. :frowning:

@ mili__l I hope you sent a ticket to support with the conversation in it even though it was in Spanish. That is just not right!

I found that over time the modification button has become weapon of choice. Many buyers realize that if they make an unreasonable request when buying, it will be cancelled. However, after the seller has put in hours of work and delivered the gig, the buyer makes their desired requests by using the modification button. Why the modification button? Because the buyer is hoping that after hours of work the seller won’t be as willing to cancel the gig.

I had buyers initially make the $5 request. After the gig was done and delivered they used the modification button to request $50 worth of changes.

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I agree completely!

It so happens that every now and again a customer sends a website link for me to translate. It is out of order, out of shape and I really don’t have any way to count the words because there are pictures with words on them. Do you accept counting words written in pictures (aka, cannot be copied into a Word processor) for a 4-dollar job? You can but I don’t. It lowers the whole time/performance/price advantage of the website.

I, as a seller, should have “accept” or “reject” options for the ordered Gig.

I, as a seller, should be able to cancel the order if my instructions are not met.

(Because there are really weird people out there, saying “I bought the Gig but I don’t have the document yet. I don’t know how long it is” and so on. My rating is lower than 100% because of a lunatic like that. I did not deliver any work late or inaccurate.)


The rating system has become a weapon for buyers to use if they don’t get their way. It is not an honest or relevant way to provide feedback. Get rid of the rating system or find a better way so it isn’t being used by buyers to punish sellers if they don’t give more than the $5 gig ask for or if you don’t do as they want even if stated in the gig description what you will do for $5.


SCENARIO ONE - the buyer does not read the gig description or if they do, they completely ignore what it says. I just had a client order a 1700 word gig for $5 when it states clearly in the gig description that $5 is for 60 words or less. I cancelled the gig.

SCENARIO TWO - the buyer orders the standard $5 gig. After you finish the gig, the buyer uses the modification button and once again asks for more than the $5 gig calls for. Some buyers tell you up front if you don’t do what they want, they will give you a negative review. After hours of work, your only option is to cancel the gig or get a negative review.

Like I said, Amen.

p.s. you would think in SCENARIO TWO you could get CS support when the evidence obviously shows buyer abuse. But CS seems to think you can reason with an unreasonable buyer to get their permission for them to remove the review. Yea, the buyer’s action of demanding more than the gig calls for and using the rating as a threat is a definite sign that you can reason with this type of buyer. Consequently no help from CS in this matter.

A good thing is that Fiverr actual stopped calculation mutual canceling a gig.


So you could try when it is not going in the right direction to cancel the gig by mutual agreement. But I agree, there should be a button between the order that actual gives you a option for accepting the gig, or canceling the gig. (And even better, a option to accept the gig with a condition)

But that are just my 2 cents about this. In the end, as a seller you can always have the bad luck that someone is just not willing to help you. I had it myself with a translating gig. No change to improve it. Even Iafter I did explain that part of a other translation came in his text. They gave me a bad review, and even after offering a full refund. No answer back … So, just have to live with it :slight_smile:

They first get their work done and then they say, either do more than that ( what you’ve actually written in the description) else I will leave a negative review.

In that situation we are left with two options :

  1. To mutually cancel the order.

  2. To do as he says and to work worth $40 for his $5.

    However in both the cases, seller is exploited. If cancels the order, the buyer gets his work done for free.

    And if he does as the buyer says, then also he has to work for free .

    CS always says that you should continue communicating with the buyer until you reach a mutual agreement. :frowning:

I suggest that in situations like leena’s above, you:

a) Cancel the order immediately

b) Screenshot the entire conversation with SHATHEAD buyer - especially the Threat part - and send to CS requesting that the buyer’s account be DELETED.

Other Sellers have posted that in many cases, SHATHEAD got his/her OSS kicked!


CS never does anything.

I’ve spoken to them. They say they can’t remove the feed back unless buyer is ready.

Reply to @leenagig: Did you even read my post???

I said CANCEL immediately. No feedback to remove!

Cancel Immediately and do their work for free huh ?

Reply to @leenagig: Ok, FINALLY… you understand.

Getting their work for free won’t mean much - when their account is DELETED!

Plus… you need to stop OBSESSING… and move on. And SMART sellers have already learned this.

Finally… "An ounce of prevention, is worth a pound of cure."

Search the Forum. There are MANY posts from Top Sellers, on how to “outsmart” the scumbag buyers who try to ripoff sellers for free work.

Perhaps someone can help me with this: If a seller cancels, does that negatively affect his/her rating as a seller?

In the beginning when I first joined Fiverr, I set up a gig. It didn’t last long because almost as soon as I began getting orders, my job changed me from 8 hrs to 12 hrs a day, so I lost the time to work on my Fiverr gigs and had to withdraw.

I say the above because I do know what it’s like to be a seller, though I haven’t sold in over a year. On the other hand, I have purchased over a hundred gigs in that time, and therefore encountered all kinds of sellers - good and bad. Sometimes I got what I paid for, sometime I didn’t. Sometimes I asked for modifications, sometimes I said “the heck with it” and accepted what I got. I try not to give negative feedback, if possible. I enter every transaction (with a new seller) with the mind of a gambler, because to me it’s a crap shoot on if I’m going to be satisfied or not.

Because of that, when I find a good seller, I always return to them when and if I need that item again. In other words, I try to be loyal when I can.

What I am saying is that I try to be the type of buyer that sellers want to work with, and not a scumbag.

Now, I don’t want you to think that I am about to complain about a bad seller that I’ve bought from. I simply wanted to point this out:

I had an instance where I asked a seller to do a gig, but instead of doing it, she cancelled on me. I read her gig description and understood it completely. It was a writing gig, so I asked her to write something for me. She thought what I asked was too much for her (by “too much” I mean she didn’t think she was capable of writing what I wanted her to write), so instead of doing a poor job, or one that I’d refuse, she simply cancelled the gig before even starting. It was not mutual - she just simply said “no”.

So - back to my question. If sellers can say no, and it won’t affect their rating, wouldn’t that be a logical response in dealing with an irritating buyer? In other words, hit them with the cancel before they hit you?


Your theory is fine if initially there seems to be a problem. However, in many cases the initial discussion is fine. It is AFTER the work is done and delivered you may find out the buyer’s real demeanor when they ask to modify a $5 gig with $50 worth of changes. Ugh!

I agree with all this. There should be a way so buyers can’t exploit us -beyond the fact that we’re working for $4, after all-

In my case, the seller began asking for more and more stuff that, even if I could do it, they went beyond what the original gig required, and it was something I don’t offer here (graphic design) (it was originally text-based). I did a sample out of “good will” and when the buyer asked for something “more complex” so I did another sample and asked that, if he wanted me to work in that, he shoud buy and extra gig. He said he never asked me to do graphic design and denied everything, taking me for a fool. When I confronted him, he ended the project (although it was after the 3 days, so I guess I got paid for all my work so far) and he gave me my first negative review.

So how do you report that? The worse part is, all the conversation is in Spanish.

@leenagig well, it happened to me 2 times when buyers got the completed work and gave me two options:

to refund him his money


get a negative rating

well, I contacted support, and sent them screenshots where the buyer threatened to leave negative review. They immediately complete the order and no chance for the buyer to leave negative review. :slight_smile:

All is well, that ends well.

this has happened to me on 3 occasions already, i offered a free french translation which the buyer never eventually paid for, another horrible buyer dropped a negative feedback 5 weeks after i completed his order and asked for a refund, lastly fiverr just refunded my last buyer stating that he had issues with his paypal -this was after i had delivered his order.

I hope for the best on this micro-job site;the buyers are having a swell time exploiting us!

In my case,

CS just said that buyer has a right to leave any kind of review on your page.

They said they will not remove the review unless the buyer is ready to do so. :frowning: