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We sellers need better protection


Fiverr has the cancellation order in case the job can’t get done, buyer is unreasonable, or it’s mutual

but we need better protection. Just now a customer order a rush order to build a bot. I put all my jobs on hold to get the bot done.

Once I was finished with the bot, I told the customer to check it out. My husband and another friend tried it too and they love how it worked, they were planning on ordering a few products. They were that impressed.

This customer, deleted my work, kick me out and give a excuse to cancel the order.

In this situation, some customers want the job but don’t want to pay. So if they want to cancel, fine, but not the full refund. We worked too, we spend time and energy, and some of us deliver damn good jobs, so let us have some of the money too. Like 10% of the amount will not be refunded because if we refuse to cance the order we get a bad review and if we cancel the order we don’t get paid for the time we spent.

We need protection too.


Why not just say no to the buyer when they ask for a cancellation?


As he ^^ said, you have the right to refuse the cancellation. You GAVE him the work you did free of charge. Why?


because If I say no and deliver, I will get a bad review and that will affect me greatly. Already Fiverr is demoting me, I can’t have a bad review


because If I say no and deliver, I will get a bad review and that will affect me greatly. Already Fiverr is demoting me, I can’t have a bad review


you will defiantly get a bad review that will scare away new buyers


100% agree with you, a lot of people take advantage of this loophole


You are right. Buyers are getting rude with the sellers.


So let me get this straight, you are saying that if anyone orders from you and asks to cancel (even for no reason at all) then you will just cancel the order. I notice you have had only one negative review out of approx 500 orders, is this the reason? That you just cancel instead?
Frankly it disgusts me when sellers do this, especially anyone with over 100 reviews. It makes certain buyers then try it out with other sellers and encourages them to cancel unfairly. I have some negative reviews because I refuse to cancel after delivery no matter what, it hasnt stopped me from getting orders - I have most of my gigs paused because I am booked til April at the moment. The gigs I have not paused are there because I have large custom offers which are to be ordered.

This fear of bad reviews is nonsense. Where do you see evidence that getting one or two bad reviews out of 500 orders will affect you? There is none. Stop screwing yourself out of proper payment and asking Fiverr to protect you - take it on yourself like a real business does.
Say no when they ask for unfair cancellations after the work is done.
When you go into a restaurant and eat all the food they serve but ask for a refund afterwards, they will say no - you got the food, there was no problem with it, now pay for it.


that’s what I’m saying and with Fiverr “monthly review” we will get easily demotted to level 0


Cancellations could lead to demotion, too.


We don’t need better protection! You need to protect yourself and protect your business and protect other sellers’ business too.
When you accept these cancellations for “no reason” you are killing your business, you are killing my business and you are killing other sellers’ business.
I really don’t understand how you can accept the cancellation after you did a great job. But I understand why some buyers are playing with sellers and ask cancellation for “no reason”. As long as sellers like you accept cancellations for “no reason”, all of us will have to deal with these buyers.

If I were your buyer I would tell to all my friends to buy your services for free by asking a cancellation!

Cancellations can affect your level as well as bad rating.

Stop accepting cancellations for no reason! You are not here to work for free. I am not here to work for free. Other sellers are not here to work for free.


It’s my first cancellation order, I didn’t know what to do. Normally my customer would talk to me.


Negative reviews do not deter me from buying. I filter for negatives when deciding to check out a seller. Most negative reviews from buyers are unreliable and look vindictive; therefore, if the seller response with a professional tone - I know I do want to work with him/her.

Don’t be afraid of few negatives. You let people push you around, it will happen again and again on 5r.

The only time I don’t buy is the “Failed to deliver.”


Thanks. I know what to do next.


I have some negative reviews and some of them because of not to do extra free works. If buyer threaten me for extra free work or cancellation, i just report him and deliver the work. As i know i do my best according to buyer’s needs. Usually they give negative revies after this but as everybody said do not let anyone to take adventage of you. Do not fear negative reviews if you do your best.


Buyers treat sellers like their pets. :disappointed:


I’ve faced same problem bad review+cancel the order.
Anyway. Just forget it and move on. Scammers will get the reward soon.


You are right. This is alarming situation and many people take benefit of this loophole. Fiverr should take action against this.

Moreover i believe fiverr give more importance to buters than sellers i jist felt at some stage that when buyer ask to cancel you can’t do anything.


How about when buyer place a vague request post? I mean there’s no way for us sellers to ask for more information about the project without “placing an offer”…

I just had an experience with a buyer… his request post was vague. So I asked for more info and his files for review. I very specifically mentioned that I need more info so that I can give him my best price for his project.

Instead, what he did was: Place an order, and then send file for review, adding more task as he goes. When I asked him to list down all his requirements so that I can give him my final price, he became aggressive and wanted to cancel the order.