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We should always welcome new users

we should welcome new users to give them confidence


Welcome to the Forum. Wishing you good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:


welcome @tanveer1975


yes i agree. we should welcome and guide new users


Welcome my dear this forum

Thank you so much! :bouquet: :bouquet:

ofcourse we must welcome to new fiverr member, welcome to fiverr family…

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yes its good to welcome new users

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Yes, agreed.

However, new users should also educate themselves on how Fiverr works by spending time reading such things as the Terms of Service and Forum articles under the “Fiverr Tips” section of the Forum.

There is NO NEED for Forum threads with such titles as:

“I’m New To Fiverr, How Do I Get My First Job?”

“Why Are My Impressions Down?”


“Please Help Me. I Don’t Get Any Work Or Client Won’t Give Me A Review.”

By being motivated enough to become part of an active freelance community, there has to be the same kind of commitment to learning the in’s and out’s of that community.

I’m not here to hold someone’s hand who can easily read the information themselves (if they bothered to at all).

I’m here to use this platform as it was intended…to find freelance work.


I always abide by your Tips and Tricks.
Take a bow man!