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We should be informed when a buyer leaves a negative feedback weeks/months after the completed gig


Well, I heard about this on LinkedIn fiverr page that a buyer can leave a feedback weeks/months after the order is completed too. Is it true ? is there a definite timeline to this ?If not, thats not good. I mean, a buyer would max take few days to review the order, right ?

I guess it IS true as I had an order delivered several days ago and out of the blue my buyer gave me a negative feedback (ofcourse Fiverr support was great and removed it for me)… But if I didnt gone back and checked my old completed orders, I would never really know this happened in the first place as I didnt get any notifications.

So how do we check if a buyer leaves a negative… or even positive feedback after 3 days when order is marked as complete ?


It’s even “worse” than that. They can change the feedback from positive to negative for some time.

This really is an open hole for abuse and too many sellers think the solution is to bring it to CS. And while CS is amazing, this is a better prevented problem than managed one.


Myabe this is something they will work on in the coming year, I have not had a problem with this but will keep and eye out on my feedback


I agree with you anarchofighter, this is so unfair to us as sellers. I am sure Fiverr is aware of the issue but I saw the suggestion box and HAD to mention this …especially since I faced this problem few times.

CS is def not the long term solution to this problem. They DO help but then how do we check proactively on our feedbacks - esp for top rated sellers and high end users, it is impossible to keep track. Even if we “do” spend an hour a week to track the feedbacks, it is still not worth the time and effort .


Reply to simplyjo: One thing I have to remember is that this is someone elses website not mine so what I want and what they aregoing to do is two different things, I do believe patience is the key here on fiverr


Notification for all feedback would be much appreciated. I have had a couple buyers that waited several weeks before leaving any feedback at all, and I found out by accident that they had finally left feedback. I was viewing my gig page as a guest so I could see how it looks and what needed tweaking, and I noticed a couple of reviews that I had been waiting on.

I also like to respond to all feedback, so being notified of buyers leaving feedback (both positive and negative) would be very helpful.


I think that a limit on the time a buyer has to leave feedback would be helpful to discourage abuse. I also think that if a buyer feels they need to leave a negative, that they must communicate their issues with the seller first and attempt a resolution.


I don’t think that this option should be left open for so long. It can lead to a buyer holding the seller hostage for more work. I also think that Fiverr should set the system so you HAVE to leave feedback, even if you don’t write anything, just a thumb up or down.


Agreed with ya all. So a limit to keep the feedback open (generally shud be same as 3 days - order completion timeline) & a notification for feedbacks.

This holds true for positive reviews from clients as well - I DO wanna hear what they say - Good, bad or ugly :wink:


Reply to elliott22x: I have never understood why someone doesnt’ leave feedback and makes me wonder what is really going on, was it some sort of bot that purchased my gig or purchased for another website for the buyer to claim as his/her own work


This will be an interesting one to watch for.

I will also say this.

No matter what the policy ultimately is.

There should be transparency. (buyers and sellers should know the time limits and sellers should know feedback was given/changed/etc.)


Reply to anarchofighter: transparency, why have I heard that word more than usual in the past few months LOL


I agree notices for negative feedback would be nice. I do not go back and look.


Wow…I didn’t know this. The window should be closed once they submit their initial feedback.


Reply to @djyoung: Actually I think the window should be closed even if feedback is not given. Right now if a buyer does NOT give ANY feedback, they can come back 6 months later and give you negative feedback. I think even after an auto complete, the feedback window should be 2, 3 days even up to 5 days, but thats it. If you are so uninterested or so dumb that you didnt give feedback, well…too bad, its closed. Hey, even crimes have a statute of limitations, why dont gigs?


Reply to @beatcraigslist: I’m with you on that!