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We should form a 'bad buyers list' for each category (New Goal Below)

We should form a ‘bad buyers list’ for each category.
I know we’ve all had some nightmare customers and I know Fiverr has done some work to help that.
Such as, “Reviews as Buyer” on the buyers page - which is great, Fiverr.
Yet, I think its time that we should kick it up a notch. Some buyers just don’t have reviews due to order cancellations, or the new review expired. For example, I love most of my customers, but some still gave me a bad review after I gave them 5 stars. That 5 star is going to appear on their page, while that 2 star appears on mine. Another? You don’t review in enough time, so you don’t get to rate the buyer. However, when you do rate it, after seeing the review, it doesn’t appear on their page anymore - it expired and no one knows. The customers can be quite hidden. Yes, the Fiverr blind system has made it harder for us in these areas.

I just think we should just make a list. Help each other protect each other. Take it into our own hands within this online community. Fiverr could possibly expand this idea from the forums to the seller pages, so we can clearly see who/what she shouldn’t do. Yet, for now, we should make our own list.

Think about it, wouldn’t it be great to have a list of people, measured by the downvotes or upvotes of the username? If someone was giving you a hard time, you posted the name and 20 people followed by downvoting. You would know, that person isn’t good to work with. Or even, where you had a gut feeling about someone trying to scam you and/or abuse your gig by ‘trying to get more’; they still don’t like it, and refund anyway (killing your ratings); and lets not forget those people running from multiple accounts. Seeing those downvotes (with some explanations) would really help. Especially, during the holidays. Its the perfect excuse to get free stuff.

Now, there is the law of relativity at hand. One customer may be great in 1 category vs. the same customer in a different category where they are rude The same goes with seller 1 experience is good vs. seller 2 experience bad. My point is, things change sometimes. The point here is to make the sellers more aware and Fiverr more aware of what is going on. It’s not the end all be all solution, its just a start of something new.


You need to read the terms of service for the forum.

Why would Fiverr let people use the forum to defame people?


No way, it’s not about defaming at all. It’s about awareness. Like I said, its quite relative. One person may think this person is not a bad deal vs. someone else. That’s why the upvotes and downvotes are so relevant for measure.

If someone is a total nightmare - someone could be a scam artist and refund after refund - using the same money over and over on different gigs. He could get 20 down votes. Plus, you have the rate of downvotes, 20 people in 3 days and no upvotes. That’s a sign that they are not a good customer. Increasing awareness.

Vs. When it comes to someone that is just having a hard day and took it out on the seller. They could have 5 downvotes and 3 upvotes. There’s correlation between the 2 measures. Obviously, you wouldn’t say, I am not going to talk to this person, you would just be more aware of what they are capable of. There will also be less bias and higher chances of certainty.

These measures just give us a better probability with inductive reasoning.

Sharing someone’s name in the forum is defamation. You don’t need names to raise “awareness” about the issue. This is revenge masquerading as advocacy.

Read the forum rules. This isn’t allowed and Fiverr would face legal issues if it was. They have no incentive to permit this.


“Users with the intention to defame competing Sellers by ordering from competing services will have their reviews removed or further account status related actions determined by review by our Trust & Safety team.”

If you can give me a good source on defamation rules for buyers to sellers, I will read
Right now, you are saying, its not right to unveil the people who want to wreak havoc on the sellers and take advantage. If I were a horrible customer, this would be the way to go about it. If I were an average customer, this would be the way to go about it. If I were the best customer ever, this would be the way to go about it. People should be aware of me as a customer (good days or bad days). You are also saying that this is defamation, when clearly it’s a balanced measure to be aware of customers. The community gives praise to (sellers/buyers) all the time, but then when it comes to the shadow side, it is all of a sudden ‘defamation.’

This isn’t about sellers and its not about defamation. It’s about making the sellers aware.

No idea why you’re quoting that.

There are many different types of defamation. Just because this doesn’t fall under what you quoted that doesn’t mean it’s defamation.

Let it go. Fiverr isn’t going to let you disclose names of anyone in the forum. It’s not going to happen. Let’s not call it awareness. What you want is revenge.


I feel like you never read what I said. You started replying as soon, as I sent my message. You then didn’t provide a proper resource to help me learn further and you want me to take your word as is.
Look at your own reviews and see why my message applies to you too/has nothing to do with revenge. I have no idea why you think this about revenge, unless one is going to use the power that way. Which doesn’t matter, since there are going to be downvotes and upvotes. It’s not about revenge - its not anything horrible, its awareness. If you don’t see that, its fine. It’s not meant for you. Many others will. By the way, if you want to speak in this form, you should definitely try to educate someone further - so they can have the proper resources (that you gained this knowledge from), so they can be aware too. I am not a confirmation bias person, I would love to see your truth about this.

Moving forward, - this is something I would like to happen and it will definitely help all.

“You then didn’t provide a proper resource to help me learn further and you want me to take your word as is.”

You don’t need a resource to tell you why it’s wrong to disclose names on a forum to out them as “bad buyers.” It’s not my responsibility to “educate” you on basic ethics.

Again, Fiverr isn’t going to let this happen.

I DID read what you said. I’m a fast reader.


Okay fast reader, can you do some fast actions and provide me with resources?

By the way, if one can’t say the name, they can say something else. Which may not be as simple, but it can be done. Like, helping someone detect better or this specific string of text that they wrote or a method to pre-research them.

This is 100+ in 1 year - approx of these noted bad post (and that is in brackets) - with someone that takes action on the forum. Think about the people that don’t with 3.5 million traffic a month to Fiverr(I do seo). Probably, people who are looking for solutions vs. posting everything. My point is, that ratio is probably pretty high on bad buyer experiences and most can be solved with this sort of/or similar solution.


I did a re-research on the url an fixed the year - that’s why I said year. This post just shows the average indexed.

“Posts may be edited or removed for extreme language or negatively calling your buyers/sellers out by username.”
The above is from the: Forum Rules + Do's and Dont's


Nothing you’re saying changes the fact that this will never be allowed.

And why would the forum let you share ways to try to find out the name of someone?

This really isn’t constructive. Find another way to solve the problem of bad buyers.

And sorry, this is revenge and it’s not my responsibility to educate you on basic business ethics. If you want resources, look for them. I’m not your researcher or your teacher. That’s not what the forum is for. It’s for insights, not doing your research for you.


Oh!!! Lloyd! Thank you buddy! <3
That’s all I needed. I was looking for the word ‘defame.’ Now! That I have this, I can work with the rules and have a better solution (within the rules), to think of something better.

So I have 2 ways

#1 It says bad language. It’s a big deal/negative. Why can’t we say something really positive about the buyer with their username. Then, let the people decide by upvotes/downvotes.

User: …
Comment: (after they did something) - this is the greatest customer I ever had - I really enjoy working with them again.
Then, people vote. Can’t vote on your own stuff (bias). No slander/revenge necessary.
And instead, we name the list, the best list ever - Cause it really would be the best list ever.

#2 I make a post on the proper way of pre-researching a user (using myself) before they accept orders from them and/or before they start to work. That way, they have pre-research skills and can save themselves/make aware.

Hello, I understand why you would want to do this. Once in a while most of us get a buyer who is clearly ,difficult, not just for us, but for most other sellers. However since we cannot antagonize potential buyers we can’t start naming and shaming buyers.

This is a site that wants to attract people and buyers, not scare them away like a list of bad buyers might do. Even good buyers would see that and get a bad impression.


Hi! Thankyou! Your message really just added insight. I totally forgot about the Fiverr perspective and this is a business place. Therefore, now I have to think of a way to make this work and bring them more business vs. less/feared business.

I definitely do think it is possible to put all of these ideas together, and have a recipe of:
Still passing the rules
bringing awareness/protecting to the customers
and making Fiverr gain traffic vs. lose traffic
leave a good impression for all

Thank you for understanding/I understand. I really needed that input.
I think option 1 still kind of works, but it needs to be less sarcastic and more safe for everyone. Yet, option 1 doesn’t benefit Fiverr at all. Any input to help the big overall solution would be great.

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I told you in my very first reply that it was against the forum ToS.

I also explained to you why it wouldn’t be wise for Fiverr to put such a thing into action.

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I love how you say your opinion, but you don’t expand any of the ideas. Thank you “humanissocial”

I did expand several times in my replies.

You didn’t listen. You kept insisting that Fiverr should let us share names of people for “awareness.”

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Well let’s try this out. Can you think of something to help bring money to Fiverr, make sellers aware of buyers, leave good impressions of all and still pass all the rules? A solution that should be done, but hasn’t?