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We Should Use Custom WordPress Theme in Our WordPress Site

There are those on our WordPress web site,we are using premium or free theme.
We don’t know that this theme created for thousand of user with lots of options as a result this theme too heavy for tons of unnecessary code.
When we use ready made theme than our need five options but this theme has 100% options that means 95 unused options. Now 95 unused options burden for your site, it will be slow or down your site. Also popular theme familiar for hacker so your site will be hacked anytime.

One the other hand if you use custom theme than create options to suit your needs so Its very light-weight because don’t use unnecessary code. Custom themes will increase your site speed. ‍Custom theme is more secure for your site because hacker not familiar you theme.
So created and use custom WordPress theme for your site.
You may contact me by my fiverr gig for create custom theme with friendly support

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I respectfully disagree :slight_smile:

  1. There are plenty of lightweight premium themes out there and if you know how to customize it, website technical performance won’t be an issue.

  2. A premium theme that has been developed by professionals is much more secure than a custom theme that hasn’t been properly tested. Besides site hacking boils down to hosting service provider, security plugins, and user behavior. It’s rare when a site gets hacked because it used a specific theme. Just because a site with a custom theme hasn’t been hacked doesn’t mean it’s secure, most likely nobody has tried.

I’m not against using custom themes, but I do think that users should do their own research and consider these points

  • if you choose a custom theme then you’re relying on a single company or a freelancer to carry your online identity, while with a premium theme you are trusting the feedback from thousands of satisfied customers
  • a custom theme with 1 user has probably not gone through a proper testing cycle as opposed to a theme that has been developed 5+ years and used by 300 000 users
  • if you should part ways with your developer then it’s difficult to find another developer who can or even wishes to edit your custom theme. With a widely used premium theme, you can find thousands of developers who have the expertise to help you.
  • most premium themes come with developer support and free regular updates. Getting updates for your custom theme will usually be an extra cost.

Just 2 months ago I migrated a client from a custom them to Avada simply because the theme was poorly made, it had limited functionality, backend was a nightmare to use and a developer who created it didn’t care to provide updates for it.

I haven’t seen any websites you’ve created so maybe you build awesome custom websites, but based on your reviews and gig description, I’d still go with a premium theme :wink:

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Well said man :clap:
A lot, I meant to say…Some developers don’t care about the custom theme they created and some can go to the extent of writing codes that is so hard to work which in the end the client is going to suffer it.

For the past few years Avada theme has been working so well for me because of it flexibility.