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We still do not get orders

Hello Guys ! We just started here on Fiverr but we dont have orders can you tell us please what we can do ? We are very sad because we do not have any reviews …We apply every day for buyer requests and our prices are very low !

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You have only 3 min read time. You need to familiarize yourself with the site and opportunities more.

Not sure about 3 people behind one profile. Your images are not up to standard, and for your logo gig they are stolen artwork

Your GIG description is missing FAQ and relevant data…and so on and so on…


Well seen… It’s dirty to write he will make unique logos by stealing things in google picture.

Ok i pause the logo gig …but how the FAQ questions suppose to help ?.. as we do not have clicks?

Watch this

read this, everything

Well thanks!!! If we still do not have orders we will probably ask for help again!!