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"We suspect this message might be spam" - any advice?!

Hello, we got a message which is in spam section and Fiverr automatic mark this message as spam. What do you advise, it’s safe to work user like this?! Thanks

I didn’t understand your question. Could you reword it differently?

Just ignore the message and carry on with whatever you’re doing. It is as simple as that. :slight_smile:

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If we will “unmark as spam” and will write this user back(he needs video editing), it’s safe to work user like this or not?! why Fiverr marked as spam his message?!

Fiver must have marked the message as spam because it is most probably SPAM. Why would you want to work with someone who is sending you spam messages is beyond me. But, sure, if you want to work with them, go right ahead. There’s nothing stopping you.

Is it safe to work with someone who sends spam messages? I wouldn’t be so sure.

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Thank you for your time and advice :slight_smile:

Maybe the buyer sent exactly the same message to multiple sellers so Fiverr marked it as spam.
Even though it probably says it won’t affect your response rate, if it isn’t replied to (by unmarking it as spam then replying, even if you then re-mark it as spam) it may actually affect it.


Sometimes they mark as spam if buyer send same message to multiple sellers. Usually you can see that nothing is wrong with message itself.

Remember that you need to reply to the message because of response rate


there is written that it does not effect respond rate if we will not unmark the message, it’s lie?!

Well, not really. Your response rate (usually) isn’t affected by those messages (that have the “does not affect response rate” message below them).

But, sometimes (very rarely), it bugs out and ends up affecting your response rate; this is probably why other users have suggested that you reply to the message in any case (just to be on the safe side).

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I never respond to the messages from the spam folder and it doesn’t affect my response rate.

I keep reading that it does but it doesn’t. I’d definitely notice by now.

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I got spam message that was marked as spam and moved to the spam folder. I didn’t noticed it till few days later and my response rate dropped. So, to be sure, reply to them


Well, like I’ve mentioned in my previous reply, sometimes (very rarely), it bugs out and ends up affecting your response rate. This is what I (as well as a few other sellers I talk to) have noticed, too.

It is possible that sellers who get a lot of queries/messages from new prospective buyers might not even know/notice when the bug affects their response rate because the huge number of messages that they respond to might negate the bug’s effect on their response rate. :slight_smile:

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The thing is if I do miss a legitimate message it hits me right away. Shaves 1% off the response rate in 12 hours or less. Not with spam. So, you know, just another experience for overall statistics. :slight_smile:

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Yeap, we’ve replied him and thats all :slight_smile: Thanks for advice

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No, I don’t think that is safe, because a spammer any time can get ban from the network so the assigned job will not reach to its end.

If the message is in a link form,then don,t try to click that link also delete the message.