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We’ve made over 30,000$ in our first 5 mounts on Fiverr - it completely changed our lives

Selling on Fiverr for five months made us change our business model - completely :slight_smile:

We are two partners and have been running a video production company for the past six years. a year ago we developed a new video product for small businesses: Generic funny video commercials with placeholders for the customer’s unique text and branding.

Convinced that our new product can deliver a lot of value to small businesses worldwide, we started to advertise and sell it in as many different ways and platforms that we could think of.
Unfortunately, none of them got any real traction.

When we reluctantly decided to upload our work to Fiverr, it was simply because we were running out of ideas…
We weren’t expecting anything amazing to happen, but in a few short weeks something amazing did :wink:
It and made us realize that we are finally in the right place and at the right time.

We’ve sold more than 500 video commercials in our first five months on Fiverr,
and generated an income of over 30,000$ in sales.
100% positive reviews and more than 70% of the orders that were completed in less than 3 business days made us completely change the way we think of our business activity.

Our Fiverr experience has been a dream come true for us.
Our time hassling with maintaining technology, marketing and traffic and other financial issues that we don’t understand has been reduced by 95%.

We can finally focus on what we love and do best - making funny video commercials.
Can’t wait to see how the next few months will look like :slight_smile:

Good luck to all of you!
Hadar and Amnon


So $30k between the 2 Fiverr accounts in 5 months?
How many orders total may I ask?


Hi @djgodknows
Yep, we operate two accounts.
The exact order number is 565 in the first five months.


O wow thats an awesome amount. Kudos and Best of luck…


Thank you @saddu_writer :wink:

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Woow, totally goals!
Congrats, keep working hard!


Thank you so much!
We will :slight_smile:

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I have to be honest here, I stumbled upon your videos about 2 weeks ago and was so captivated that I had to watch every single one of them.

You are so talented and I love your humor. Brilliant videos!

Congratulations and continous success!


Thank you so much @annai80
You’ve just made our day :blush:

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Wow! You totally earned it! I take a look into your gigs. Such professional looking service is - to be honest - extremly rare on fiverr.


Thank you! @czarekpiast
We do our best to give a professional service
just like we did in the “real world”

Fiverr just makes it so much easier for us :wink:

That’s awesome- fiverr does wonders sometimes!


What a great story. Really great to hear about a business that already existed that came here and it changed the way it did business. The power of Fiverr exemplified.

Congrats. Your work is awesome.


Thank you @silberma1976

Yeah. So true. I watched every single video and some multiple times :slight_smile:Great job pickera

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Congratulation, @pickera & best of luck.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much @ashwanithakur :wink:

Thanks! I appreciate it @saddam_pro :slight_smile:

Awesome, Congrats

I just check your videos they are really amazing :+1:t4:

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Thank you so much :slight_smile: