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We Want a System where Sellers can Rate Buyers (Buyer Rating feature)

fiverr is a great platform no doubt. But it has a number of flaws that make life quite challenging for us good folk :slight_smile:

Just to mention a few:

  • It takes CS ages to respond to matters that are important to users
  • Response rate is buggy (good thing it does not matter much). but still…
  • The buyer is more important that the seller. This means that a seller will almost always lose when pitted against a buyer.

Now, on that last point, I think a buyer rating system will be of great help to the seller. As it is, only buyer reviews on seller pages are visible. Unfortunately, sellers can only respond to these reviews, and they are not visible on the buyer’s page.

We need to rate buyers too and these ratings need to be visible on the buyer’s profile page. This way, we can watch out for each other by telling/warning others about bad and fraudulent buyers. Needless to say, they are many and are running wild reining havoc and being a nightmare to sellers all over the planform.

@fiverr , please find a way of implementing this feature. Sellers are an important part of your ecosystem and should be taken care of too. Hoping to get some feedback about this.

Sellers, please raise your hand if you are with me :raised_hand: :grin:


I think there was this option implemented for a very short period of time before if was removed. I am not quite sure why because I missed it.

The thing is, would it help in any way? The buyer purchases your gig and if you don’t like the fact that he has a low rating you will probably choose to cancel it. In this case your account will probably still be affected because of the cancelation rate.

But I am still with you. I think it would help in some instances to know the history of a buyer. :smiley:


Great idea.

For us as sellers a great thing.

We can see is this buyer okay or not…


I am 100% agree with you :palm_tree:

@superbeewriters I definitely understand the passion behind wanting this type of rating system, but Fiverr did try this only to revoke it after a couple of years of it’s implementation. Based on my observations I believe that this type of ‘duel rating system’ started to devise a non productive ‘sellers vs buyers’ environment, and that’s simply not good for a business model that rely’s heavily on buyer trust. Yes, seller’s provide great products and services by planting seeds in our marketplace, but the seeds must be watered, and that undoubtedly comes from the buyers. Sellers are extremely important to Fiverr (this is why they’ve taken the astronomical stress of marketing at this scale away from us), but the buyers (in this business model) hold the keys to the most important part of the marketplace.

I can remember reading the forums back in ‘duel rating system days’ only to observe too many interactions where the buyer and seller where at odds about ratings. This was an internal tug of war that Fiverr had to do away with as I personally don’t believe that a buyer should be rated on a 5 star scale like sellers. An idea that I’ve shared in the past with ‘’ was perhaps within an order prompt a previous seller’s feedback could provide some perspective into the type of buyer you’re interacting with, but that feedback should be on a guided scale that helps the current seller adhere to checkpoints that could help them improve the interaction by doing things differently.

When I 1st started selling on Fiverr (back when the ‘duel rating thumb up/down system’ was in affect) my knee jerk reaction to negative buyer feedback was to rate them identically as to ‘get back at them’, because they were obviously wrong about my service. Looking back, I realize that I wasn’t getting back at anyone, because ALL of those negative ratings still lead to monetary gain for me. I’ve learned over the years that ‘the customer is always right’, and situations where buyers are looking to cause hurt and harm are absolutely the expectation and not the rule.

If you’re experiencing more scenarios where it feels that the buyer is trying to hurt your Fiverr business or leave a negative rating about your gig, you have to explore the role are your offering is playing in each of these interactions. How do you set the tone of the order with your initial engagement? How do you handle them throughout the interaction? What continually creates the grounds for a less than desirable rating of your service? (The most important question you have to ask yourself is) You’re asking for a $5-$50 investment for your product/service, so even after they’ve garnered enough confidence to order with you, why do they (more often that not) appear so uneasy and upset about what they received?

Every sustaining business model across virtually every sector understand that you have to create an inviting and comfortable place for customers to continually want to shop and spend their hard earned money in. It’s true that the products and services we provide as sellers are the reason the customers are constantly walking around the store, but if our store builds a reputation where the buyer is reprimanded or scorned in any manner (just or unjust) we will unquestionably create an empty parking lot, and no one will want to walk through our doors.


This would be the main reason for this option. Over time, sellers would know which buyers to avoid and this would mean less negative ratings and reviews from clients who want to take advantage of sellers.


Good idea

I love your point of view @Dion, and I agree with you that such a system could cause more harm than good. I however refuse to believe that just because it could potentially lead to a less than favorable environment for business, a rating system should be completely scrapped off.

It is vital that sellers know the type of buyers they are working for, just as it is for buyers to know the type of seller they are buying from. The current system is one-sided, favoring and showing statistics for sellers only. Why should hardworking sellers have to suffer at the hand of dishonest buyers? It pains having to do much more than your gig explains and then after all the trouble, still get a bad rating or worse, a cancellation.

While your argument is very reasonable, there can still be other ways of going around it.

Taking your explanation into perspective, Fiverr chould show statistics for the buyers. I would suggest Cancellation Rate, Approval Rate, Revisions Requested, etc be shown to the seller. These can be calculated automatically the same way Response Rate, and Avg. Response time are calculated. This way, there would be no tug of war between buyers and sellers as it was with the dual rating system, but sellers would still know whether or not to accept work from a certain seller.


To echo what @Dion said perfectly, having any type of visible rating for buyers is not conducive to the business of Fiverr.

Cash-in is almost always considered THE GREATEST of importance than Cash-out.

So Fiverr would not take any chance to have a situation of buyers diminishing by taking a step where a buyer may consider twice to purchase anything from the platform.

Currently the rating system for the buyer is only available as a internal metrics for Fiverr and also in the even of any negative feedback, it gives the seller a small opportunity to place a counter-argument on their gig page.

You don’t go to BEST BUY and have your purchase rated by their sales associate do you? Or even Geek Squad for that matter.:thinking:


@djgodknows, please see my post above

Yes, I already read it and wrote my reply without delving into details of your proposed option at the end of it.

You see, denying a buyer is denying a potential gig. Denying a potential gig IS a potential loss of income or in business world, a failed conversion.

Which means due to your decision, Fiverr failed to earn on that instance.

Now your reason might be good, it might be bad, but it really does not matter when thinking about commerce and business revenues.

That is what I meant by my response. Hope I was able to clarify.


@Dion Thanks for that history/insight, very interesting to read. It´s certainly not easy to try to find the best balance and needs some trial and error to figure out what works best.


The first I can´t confirm, myself I only had very quick, competent, and mostly very nice reactions from CS so far with all my issues yet, but of course I guess your experience is different then.

The latter definitely is a bug they should get under control some time. Interestingly, while I ‘suffered’ from a buggy response rate ever since I´m here and had it always at 80-something, not matter how fast I replied, just recently, around the time the new forum arrived, it suddenly went up into the 90s again, while my ‘average response time’ shown publicly for everyone to see, dropped from the 1 hour it had always been at to 2 hours, so…yeah…don´t like that much, but since I have a good conscience with how fast I respond, I focus on the rates I actually can affect, my positive rating, orders completed and delivered on time ratings and keep ignoring the response things, practising my zen… -_-

edit: an absolute ‘yes’ to

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Think about all other freelancing platforms (and I don’t want to advertise them, but you know them for sure) have this same feature already added. I mean, djgodknows, I completely understand your point of view and it really makes sense, but please let me know why all other platforms have this feature and Fiverr still don’t have it? And I really doubt it they are making fewer sales because of this.


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The community has been asking for this feature for several years now! Let’s hope this can finally be implemented sometime this year. :raised_hand:

I would love this. Would help me avoid creepy buyers.


I don’t understand your argument about denying buyers by showing metrics that will provide guidance to sellers about how they have handled business on the platform before. The fact is, dishonest buyers are already doing damage behind the scenes, all this would be doing is bringing that to light for the whole community. If a dishonest buyer thinks twice before ordering anything, how is that a financial loss to the site when the buyer would have done everything in their power to avoid paying ANYWAY? If anything, it would save sellers some heartache, time and effort spent in attempting to get money that they would have almost zero chance of getting in the first place. This is so important because these sellers could be using this wasted time to actually MAKE money from legitimate buyers, which clearly benefits the site too.

From another angle, why would an honest buyer be discouraged from ordering because their activities are being tracked? Because they might be labelled as a bad buyer when in reality they are just serious about getting the best value for their money? So, although they need the service, they would not order because of the possibility of being branded incorrectly, which is something that they have significant control over? In most cases, all they need to do is behave. Even if we look at that as plausible, there is another issue: are buyers rated on similar sites like Upwork (the last time I checked Upwork, that was a yes)? If this is generally a yes and is therefore expected by buyers who use these platforms, why not Fiverr too?

simple word - your Question is 100% Genuine But this will never happen cuz fiverr is buyest:)

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I like what you did there! :wink:

In what way would it help? We are not supposed to cancel orders unless a mistake was made. I can’t see any reason for it.

I just wish they had an algorithm that would look at buyer cancellation rates.
If they ordered 100 gigs and 90% were cancelled, you need to flag and do something about that buyer.

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