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We want "Assistants team" feature for high performing Sellers


We want a feature which allows High Performing sellers to have a team of Assistants (assistants may be Fiverr sellers). This feature will help high performing Sellers to handle big numbers of Orders, reviews, conversations, and much more easily.

(A high performing seller can be the one who receive more than 10 Orders a day)


Yes, my husband and I work as a team, but he has to sign in as me…

It would be great if they made it easier to have someone else see your account.


Yes maybe a feature with team account but have the power to work as a team not regarding funds only…
Like every buyer can see a team name when a work is done by a team and rate it then automatcally the ratings wll goto both individuals


But you are not anywhere near being categorized as a “high performing seller”. In fact, you are a Level 1 seller, with only 91 reviews.


Yes,i need one just for conversations,review,etc, becasue mi engl is horrible,mi best friend is google translator.


I volunteer to be your assistant @grandmaa.

No one should go through what you must be going through alone, on a daily basis…


Level 2 Sir @jonbaas :slight_smile:


Yes. I see that you were JUST promoted to Level 2. Alas, that still doesn’t make you a “high performing seller”. There are sellers with thousands of reviews who are far closer to that categorization than you are. :wink:


@jonbaas Yeah but i am continue with hard work, hopefully will reach there one day.


Hopefully you will. …


Sir, If the high level freelancer like you help us, We can do every think. Because we are ready to hard work.