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We Want Buyer reviews option


I dont know is it okay Or not to post . but I think Also , In buyers Profile, reviews will shows …

I think in this way buyers also be careful and hesitate to misbehave with us without any reason . They Will also hesitate to cancel any order after 100% completed by seller.

I am just sharing with you my Thought.

What is yours? :eyeglasses:

Showing sellers review on buyers profile

I don’t know. Reviews hurt or help sellers. We live and die by our seller ratings. But reviews of buyers would have no concrete affect on that buyer, other than to inform sellers that a buyer has had problems in the past. In addition, Fiverr would lose business on this site if sellers started denying sales to buyers based on a rating. Right now, Fiverr doesn’t list buyer reviews, and leaves the interaction on a per-sale basis, rather than an overall reputation basis. This ensures that a transaction proceeds on account of that transaction, not a biased view of a buyer based upon past experiences.

Fiverr wants sales to be completed based on the sale, not the buyer. But they do have a mechanism in place to address buyer-seller issues (i.e., contacting Customer Service), and, that system seems to be working well as designed.


A lot of people go down the route of buyer reviews helping to highlight “bad buyers”. However, I think in general buyer reviews give an account value. Right now, as a buyer, your Fiverr account is completely disposable and this is highlighted by the fact I’ve seen scenarios where buyers have had multiple accounts or one ends up going inactive (or they forget their email/password) and just create another).

Building consistent reviews as a buyer gives an account sustenance, something to ‘aspire to’ and keep the longevity. eBay is a good example of this. The site originally started out as peer-to-peer auctions where buyer reviews were essential to knowing you could send a product safely and would be paid with no chargebacks from PayPal (which was also a relatively new payment system at the time and required user reassurance). However, essentially buyer review’s didn’t really mean a lot on the face of them - as payments were protected/secured, you wouldn’t send products without payments first and they just let you know that a buyer is legitimate.

However, buyer reviews were incredibly popular and almost ‘collected’ by users as they went through the different levels (obtaining new profile star colours for different thresholds) and “building to something” in relation to their account.

Like eBay of old, Fiverr is very much a peer-to-peer working platform. Seeing a buyer has low reviews is a small section of the system but the bigger benefit would be the highlight of great buyers and the value added to their accounts to stop the throwaway attitude.


I understand why you want this but don’t know how it would work except for the really bad buyers who eventually might be scared off but not in a way that would matter to them. But what about the average buyer who happened to have a bad experience? Yeah…not sure this would work.


Thank you so much for your opinion and explanation . Thank you so much :revolving_hearts:


Very well explained and I agree with this completely. Bad buyers would become careful after this and would not try to scam honest sellers as many of them do rightnow. Good buyers would also love to see their reputation building up with positive reviews on their profile page.


I would certainly enjoy this one. There are buyers who I love and should be rewarded for being patient, thorough and then understanding and then there are a few out there who are just abusive and sneaky.


To echo what Adam has stated, this has already been implemented in the form of the “Crown :crown: Logo” next to buyers who have purchased more than 10 times on Fiverr.

Use this as a gauge to determine the QUALITY of your buyer.
Yes, I know, it is not something definitive, but it is the best you will get from Fiverr, the reasons have been clearly stated by other members on this thread. (@twistedweb123, @jonbaas)

If you do not understand business economics, then please go google it.

Whining about something is easy, understanding it, is not.


Not trying to be mean, just giving a realistic feedback.:dromedary_camel:


You know I wouldn’t even replied if you wouldn’t have said “If you do not understand business economics, then please go google it.”

Hahahaah, you try to tell people to educate themselves in business economics… based on a crown!


yet don’t understand or explain to understand that its in the scope of the sellers business model entirety. If you don’t understand or knew the word “entirety” even exited… go google it.

hahahaha, not trying to be mean, but I know business, and you’re trying to tell people to look up a road to understand how a car works and pushes itself forward…

hahah… oh man.

“Whining” is something a child or a bad R and B singer does, so if you like to compare that to what is going on here or define us a group in those terms then I define your “reality” as someone living in their own fantasy world where you believe yourself as realistic… lmao


Dear Joey Perez,
My response was not aimed at you but aimed at sellers who are constantly annoyed with what’s being offered here on Fiverr.
If you fell in that category, then that’s your prerogative.

I have noticed your frustrations lately by the posts on this forum.

Don’t want to get into a banter with you, you seem smart, if you didn’t catch my drift, then too bad.

Lo siento y gracias mi Amigo.



Nothing wrong with a good banter from a fellow fiverree. I can be made fun of in any which way, its those who like to advertise their opinion and not expect someone to be reactive, those I think are *****************.

opps sorry my auto spell checker must have made a tough linguistic quandary for you.

I meant to say “existed” in place “exited”

Moderator Note: Expressing opinions and debating is not against forum rules, but please avoid anything that could be seen as name calling or bashing.


This topic seems to continually come up. I am curious as to what purpose would a buyer/customer/client review serve?

How would Fiverr even implement such a thing? What would it look like?

Let’s say a client gives you a one star and then you reciprocate. It shows up on the profile page so every seller can see the shiny bad buyer one star!

  • Then what?
  • Will the buyer stick around Fiverr or will he vanish forever?
  • Maybe they will never leave a bad review - because they do not want to get one in return.
  • If no one ever gets a bad review, why bother leaving one - no one can trust buyers review or sellers review.
  • Perhaps the buyer just won’t leave a review, that way the seller won’t be able to leave one either.

I just don’t understand how would displaying a buyer review would work.

The things I would love to see but will never happen:

(1) Restaurants that post “bad tipper or no tipper list”

(2) Shopping mall with “these shoppers returns too many items list”

(3) Supermarkets with “these people try too many samples and never buys list”

(4) A-Zon with these “Readers who asks for too many refunds list” - I would love to get a whole list of people who buys my eBooks, reads it and returns it within two weeks for a full refund. I saw a blog coaching people how to borrow/buy, return and never pay a dime. Unbelievable - I spend hundreds (per book) in editing, proofreading, translations, cover design - stock photo download (I’m a member), not to mention my time - writing, rewriting, etc.

I understand there are nightmare customers that makes you want to punch the wall. Although there are great deal of complaints I read in the ranting pot about bad sellers and buyers; I can see there are heck of a lot more good experiences from both sides.


LOL. Amen!:thumbsup:


I wasn’t aware that this is possible with books, I’m wowed that people do that, but not in the good way.

Actually this sounds pretty much like the paypal-chargeback-after-weeks/months buyers, some sellers here have the bad luck to get.
I’d love a list of those, but since fiverr closes their accounts, reviews are a non-issue there.


I’ll offer my opinion as a seller. Sorry guys, this is going to be one of my many long posts. Feel free to skim or skip! I’m too exhausted to do anything but get some thoughts down without editing. I feel that showing buyer reviews might be helpful and wouldn’t be harmful and I am for it. I think that it would showcase some buyers who are consistently great and very active. I think it would also reveal buyers who might be new, on a new account, or who have a pattern of being abusive. If a buyer did have a negative pattern and realized that perhaps it was partly them, I think Fiverr would be open to them closing the account and starting over.

On the other hand, buyers with a very long string of happy interactions and perhaps a few negative ones would shine and would help point out poor sellers too, since those kind of buyers only leave negative reviews if they really feel it. Buyers could choose a “disposable account” (to quote @twistedweb123) or could choose to build up a stellar reputation and gain trust and maybe more discounts and other benefits. I do not think that an occasional negative review would scare off or hurt a long time good buyer. A seller with thousands of good reviews is hurt less by a bad one. This would apply to buyers too.

I wish that the buyer “crowns” were enough to show that a buyer is a great buyer with a long positive history. In my experience, though, those badges mean little. it doesn’t take long to build up enough orders to gain a badge, and there is no indication that those orders went well. It’s an indication of money spent. I am a buyer as well as a seller, and I would love my record of both to show. If it did, there are some lowered review under my name on both sides. That’s OK, they reflect my experience on Fiverr. I have far more 5 start reviews as buyer and seller and I would enjoy letting them be shown.

Another thing that brings to mind is that it would affect buyer/sellers differently. You can’t really have a disposable account as a seller past level 1. Right now I think most sellers who are also buyers are great buyers, but there are an unfortunately few who take things out on other sellers when they buy. Showing buyer reviews would put a stop to that. It’s not uncommon for users to start out as buyers and then become sellers later on. They also would be affected by this, and if they had been harsh reviewers they would have to either start with a “from scratch” account or live with the ramifications.

Yes, there are some down sides. @gina_riley2 pointed out some important ones. Some buyers might stop leaving reviews. Some might leave Fiverr, but I think more likely they would start over. Some might feel pressure to leave a good review to get one back, but that might counterbalance the ones who don’t review at all. I see what Gina is saying, but I don’t think showing reviews is the exactly equivalent of posting a “bad tipper” list for example. To me, a restaurant that did that would be taking an essentially hostile action by denying a guest the right to tip according to the service for fear of public shame by real name. On Fiverr, I think it would invite buyers and sellers to review honestly, albeit with more care as well. Also, buyer reviews are already displayed on seller pages, unlike private tips in a restaurant, so the effect would only be to make it easier to see.

Personally I think that reviews have become a huge issue on Fiverr because sellers fear losing their rent money if they don’t get a perfect review every time. Buyers aren’t supposed to be able to manipulate sellers with reviews, but it does sometimes happen, especially when buyers learn how to target new sellers or those with poor English skills. For the brief time that buyer reviews were displayed, I saw exuberant joy by sellers on the forum. I think the good outweighs the bad. That’s PLENTY long and all I’ve got!


This is why buyer reviews may not accurately show bad buyers. They can make new accounts after they leave bad reviews.

Seeing a list of reviews left by buyers, as you can do on eBay, would help to prevent abuse of the review system by malicious buyers.


Wouldn’t it be interesting if Fiverr didn’t close them? What if the account was left intact, but with an automated 1 star review that says “Buyer initiated PayPal chargeback.”

Heh, I don’t think that would actually work since the buyer would likely still make a new account, but it’s an interesting and funny thought. :wink:


@fonthaunt: Good one!

@miiila: It is the biggest complaint among self published authors on Amazon. There is constant debate over “No Return” policy of eBook. Typically, any eBook can be returned within a week period. There are several sites/blogs that educate buyers on how to return it even after or up to 30 days. I’ve had refund issued to buyers after up to two weeks or more.

So yes, even though I do not sell on Fiverr - I do on other platforms and understand the fustration of crappy buyers.


jon , I may disagree slightly with the fact that reviews have no concrete effects.

I’m very aware of someone’s “review rating” when they contact me for any order inquiries via the inbox here. I’ll actually go to their account and see if they have any ratings below 100%. I guess I’m only seeing a rating if they have sold gigs? But I think they get ratings when we leave a bad rating on THEM after completing a sale they created with us. We’ve had to mark a buyer with a 1 star rating recently… simply to warn other sellers that he is a pain. I can see his profile marked with 4 out of 5 stars for 50 reviews. It shows he has no gigs… But regardless… me seeing that 4/5 star rating and 50 reviews … Is enough for me to know he’s a potential problem client if he contacted me.

Fiverr would lose business if sellers left bad reviews on a buyer.
But some buyers are outright derpbags … … And being able to warn your competent sellers that one of them is heading to your gig … means we can avoid having a crap review from a picky or outright problematic buyer…

(Like that guy who left a 4/5 review and said “Nothing personal… I just dont rate anything 5 stars”)
Wasnt me… but I think you replied to the thread last week… It was another seller… and I completely understand where they came from. When you have less than 100 reviews… a 4/5 rating for an excuse like that may mean your gig will never reach the top. Thats just fiverr… If you are a new seller with no actual backing by fiverr mind you.

We can continue to climb the ranking ladder if we are aware of such things and have the tools to help us get where we need to be. I guess you can go about on fiverr disregarding all of that I just said … but you’ll also be wondering why your gigs are failing one day. It’s kind of inevitable to get these buyers … and the HARDEST part for us on fiverr is maintaining a 100% rating … due to the quality of buyers here that … quite simply … just dont read and don’t care about how fiverr really works. Thats how I see it … 5 years or so of doing business here. This is a new account of ours since doing a name change in case anyone is wondering. But yea…

You said "Fiverr wants sales to be completed based on the sale, not the buyer."
This works great on paper. But as a seller , it’s not constant. And at some point you realize the whole review system in place is able to be tainted. Buyers should also be held accountable for how their sellers are reviewing them as a buyer… This is a tool for the more informed BUYER to be able to do further research on their seller they are about to buy from! If I saw a gig with 300 reviews and one really terrible one… I’d want to look further into that if I was about to drop $300 on that gig. And if I could go to that buyer’s page and see he has purchased 50 other gigs and 5 people had some really crappy things to say about that buyer in the end … I’d know to potentially forgive that 1 bad review on the seller I’m buying from… Do you see the picture I’m painting there? At this point I think it shows a rating on every profile … seller or not … and it’s gonna show how a seller reviewed them on just a 5 star basis right? … Not necessarily the buyer’s reviews they left or vice versa? SO it seems to be a small tool right now… and serves its purpose…again for maybe the more informed buyers.

I think it should be expanded upon maybe like the OP is stating. For the points I attempted to make within this thread :slight_smile:

Sellers need more protection from this problem.
Buyer reviews , I support 100%.



In my experience … its very black and white.

Either we deliver something so amazing we get tipped for. (about 20% of the time)
Or we get a great review (About 40% of the time)

Or we dont hear from the buyer (meaning they just arent the chatty ones and the order auto completes)
(about 20% of the time)

Or we have a buyer who wants a revision… usually pretty cordial … ends up with a good rating
(15% of the time)

The other 1% to 5% is the problem.
This is the percentage of buyers that just seem to have a problem with everything no matter what.
And its about 1 out of 300 or 500 orders it seems. These clients you CAN NOT please. They did NOT read. They did NOT order correctly to begin with… They did NOT like hearing about something costing extra because again , they didn’t read… So … these clients are pissy and have no good proper reason for it.
When they leave a bad review … it is generally for their own incompetence. And for this I support full transparency in reviews. We should see a buyer’s reviews from a seller just like they can see a seller’s reviews.

This would eliminate those “scared” buyers to scam good sellers.
If you can point to a reason that things shouldnt be more transparent…
other than “Fiverr would lose money” … I’ll hear it.

But what that means is … fiverr gets richer … the platform keeps ticking the way it has been… Sellers remain with little to no protection aside from their skill of defending such buyers through support and early “Nipping it in the bud tactics” … which in my opinion consume FAR too much time here…

Or we can give the other buyers more tools to scout out their sellers… This kind of transparency would allow informed buyers to see exactly how a seller is performing and how their previous buyer felt about them and vice versa… being able to review the buyer who left a bad review on someone’s gig is a great tool to see if that review left on a potential seller should hold any water… All I’m saying…

Have a Happy New Years all! :slight_smile: