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We want jobs (New Seller)


I am new on fiverr!! i seen most of the new sellers don’t get any jobs on fiverr, because they are new. My humble request to all clients, please give us chance to show how much experienced we are.

Thank You.

I’m a new seller, about 7/8 days now, I get 2 or 3 gigs a day,

5 or 6 just today thus far and plenty of day to go…So…not sure I get the point of the post but okay…

I can say I doubt the forums is a real place to find work accept maybe the My Fiverr Gigs area, maybe…

Be well…

Best Regards,

Michelltech (ROB)

Your First Stop On!

I think you meant Logo Design

Please tell me which tricks you use to get 3 gigs sale per day. @michelltech

I just post quality gigs, nothing more, I research other gigs that look good and try to produce better. Nothing more. Getting gigs isnt the problem, the dealing with other issues that makes for chuckle at times.

Best Wishes.

Please check my gigs and tell me is they are quality gigs are not? @michelltech

your typing gig works fine… it just does not have enough buyers for it so I think it is pretty ok offer… your data entry gig is duplicated so I didn’t check… your logo making gig you could offer psd format also for a price of $5 and when you get enough customers and orders you can start giving extras like more money for psd or whatever…

a lot of logo makers here, you must be either cheaper or better… you are cheap but at least offer everything for $5 even revisions :slight_smile: