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We want notification when a Buyer "Favorite" our gigs


Usually The Sellers do not Get notifications when someone “Favorite” our Gigs, nor we can trace the people who have Added our gigs to their “Favourite”. So it will be a Great Addition if Fiverr notify us when a Buyer “Favorite” our gigs.


I don’t need that notification, it’s irrelevant. Someone favorites your gig today and might not order for 6 months, or ever.

I also get enough notifications about sales, messages, We’ve got news about your order, and the one I hate the most: “JohnDoe Replied to Your Ticket” which usually means my refund request was accepted.

Listen, every change Fiverr makes has unforeseen consequences, some for the better, some for the worst. I don’t want Fiverr crashing for unnecessary changes.

You also have to remember that the more complicated we make Fiverr, the more buyers and sellers will suffer. So before you ask for a change, really think about it and ask yourself, “do I really need it? Can I not enjoy Fiverr without it?”


I think you are right. It is an unnecessary thing.


If this happened, I would stop favoriting any gigs. If sellers were notified about being favorites, some would try to send offers or deals or other spam to those buyers. I get enough spam already.


I think we also need a “Accept” button for coming orders.


agreed, This will decrease cancellation rate.


Yes, in this way we can talk to buyer before accepting order in detail. Sometime buyers order a wrong GIG and then ask to cancel, this is only harm to seller!


I don’t want a notification of this. It means nothing to have someone favorite my gig. Only an order is important.


Are you saying you want to know who :heart: your gig or just that its been favorited?

I have lots of sellers that I have :heart: for future use that I haven’t had a chance or had the need for it yet. I use my favorite box often, constantly adding & deleting.

I’m not sure if I want people to know when I save and/or delete.


I think this is a genius idea, but maybe irrelevant for others?

I work mostly out of custom orders after talking with the client. I try to discuss every project until both sides understand the how, when and little details.

And even though I think my packages are very clear, there’s always somone trying to be a smartass or just being distracted and order the wrong package or ask for extra stuff for free.

This would minimize any of these problems imo.


This Idea is already a CAR CRASH = TRASH.

Next idea would be then, we want to get notify when a buyer visits our account. :rolling_eyes:


ummmm, no we don’t.

Useless feature IMO.


It’s a nice idea indeed & should be implemented.


Having an “Accept Order” button can certainly help a seller avoiding some irrelevant orders and can lower the cancellation rate. So, please you, the helpful support team should consider the matter.


I don’t like it :stuck_out_tongue:
What would you do if someone likes your gig? Would you message them?
That would be considered as spamming and buyers would stop using it (including myself).

When I’m ready to buy your gig I will contact you.


Yes, I also dont want that feature, Buyers will be less willing to favorite if that happens.

Yes the order accept button seems great idea, Love to have that!