We want real time Buyer Requests


We want real time Buyer Requests!
Currently, the Buyers posts Buyer Requests and then the Fiverr Representatives Manually approve or Deny it. Although it is Good for Spam preventation but it is also Frustating for both Buyers & Sellers. The Buyers waits till the Approval of their Requests even if they want their Job done ASAP…


I don’t think this will ever happen. Given the amount of spam what was being posted in the Buyer Requests section, the only way to combat that (and combat the people who knowingly misuse the feature) is for Fiverr to review (i.e. approve or deny) all new BR posts.

Sellers shouldn’t be relying on Buyer Requests to be their only sales opportunities. Sellers have the ability to market and promote their own gigs elsewhere – wherever their target customers are located. relying upon Fiverr to give you free sales isn’t a good long-term success strategy.