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We want to buy! Why does Fiverr not work anymore?!

We are coming back to Fiverr after about a year of using other services like ODesk.
We are coming back with several accounts and various projects.

Our needs are typically very specific and we post requests, which used to work fine in the past.
Now a first request yields zero responses.

We are forced to put requests in very narrow categories.
We cant be sure that our requests are visible to anyone.
We apparently cannot edit requests.
We cannot browse other buyer’s requests to learn about the way they are posted.

Maybe we are missing something, but if this is how Fiverr works today, its useless to us.
We have had many transactions here with a 20 staff team and many good experiences.

Its too bad! Why these changes? They certainly do not mean improvements for buyers like us. We are walking and feel bad for the very talented sellers we found here.

You’re not obliged to buy here. There have been “improvements” (YMMV) to the service, that’s true. The only solution is to either adapt to the changes or go back to other services which fit your needs better.

You have other options for finding sellers than the Buyer’s Requests section. Have you tried a search for what you are seeking?

hi which kind of service you are looking for ?

Hey, you get what you pay for. You want cheap, you’ll certainly have to pay two or three times to get what you really need. Or, pay a higher cost once for professional service, higher quality and excellent communication. The choice is yours.