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We want to say 'hi :)'!


Hello guys,

after hearing about the site 2 days ago, this is our first day on Fiverr and we’d like to introduce ourselves in your family. Meet us, Andy, Sebastian and Karl, three students at the business college from Berlin, Germany. Apart from this, we spend our free time learning about SEO.

What do we know ?

· We have quite advanced knowledge in using GSA Search Engine Ranker, SeNUKE XCR and Scrapebox.

· A LOT of free time. Well, we don’t know about what happens in USA, but the business colleges here in Europe are quite easy and we have free time.

·FAST RESPONSE AND DELIVERY. We did some research and we’ve noticed that it’s really important to have the sense of time.

That’s all guys, in the following days we are going to post some gigs, so stay tuned if you’re interested in SEO !



Hi guys!

Welcome and enjoy the ride!

One question though(just out of curiosity): on your profile Romania appears as the country you’re from and you say you’re German students. What’s that all about?


you better start creating some gigs right now !


@danielrika: hi man, just created the first one. We want you too see it ! Check our profile


Reply to @onepowerfulseo:

the images sound a little bit old, but it’s cool.


i want to say Hello :slight_smile:


Reply to @danielrika:

thanks by the way :slight_smile:


Reply to @logo_desing: glad to meet you, buddy :slight_smile: !