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What is the best way to keep track of the pending deliveries and unread mails when someone has a really packed schedule with TONNES of orders?



Okay so I’ve designed a logo for a client, and they said that it was exactly what they envisioned. Now that the gig is complete the client decides to change their mind, and demand that I send them the previous design. I told them that it would cost and extra $5/another basic gig, but they disagreed. Am I wrong for trying to protect my work?


@natalieab - As a TRS, who has had over a MILLION views on a different podcast, I would love to share what I know about Fiverr as a guest on a future episode. How do I go about being considered? I have a unique perspective form other seller’s I’ve seen on Fiverr as being a full-time actress and model in Los Angeles BEFORE even joining Fiverr*:wink: Thanks!


How can I advertise my gigs on social media?


I was getting tons of orders. Suddenly biz over the past two weeks came to a halt! Now what? Make more gigs maybe? I’m a singer songwriter.


How to promote my gigs isn’t working on Twitter. Is there a better way? I don’t even come up on the search on fiverr and I have 36 5 star reviews…


You guys are just awesome! Thank you for being such a great inspiration to the community. How do you deal with difficult buyers, especially the ones who end up asking for more than what they paid for ?


I have got a question for you guys, because of the nature of my gig, I do get TONS of messages, have you got any suggestions on how to sort them easier ? :slight_smile: I can not be going through them first thing in the morning (which i do) because they are keep on replying and the conversations keep going sometimes for a day or two until we both know what needs to be done and transfer the huge amount of files and bla bla all sort of further instructions …

I would be interested to know if anyone have a suggestion :wink:


How can I Improve my gig?


Which plugin is needed to listen to this podcast episode? Can’t do it - tested on several browsers!


How to enhance productivity at home?
I think many would agree this is an important question…


My question is, what if a buyer orders your gig then cancel’s do you have the right to use that work to your portfolio or not. Thanks.


Help guys, I you guys fyi. Now, I spent a ton of money in my world to get a book that I am wrtiing edited…and formated and put on to Amazon. The person i hired, cannot do the book cover and agreed to refund $40.00 or to pay a new fiverr person who can do the book. She does not know how to refund me $40.00 or is it just as easy to introduce her to the new fiverr person and let her place the order. So, I am using now a second fiverr person to do my book cover…


I am a VO artist an the basic gig at $5 is not much money so I am curious how you up-sell customers to make more money than just the basic gig.


How did you become top rated sellers and what is the criteria for being TRS?
i know they’re hand picked but there should be some criteria right?
Thank you


how do i get my gig ranked at the top?


At what point in your Fiverr career did you start earning a full time income and what kind of opportunities has it created for you?

Also, since becoming a TRS, how has work ethic, flow, and responsibility changed?

Thanks :slight_smile:


There are customers who do not understand what my GIG offers, but after I deliver my work report, they post a negative review which now reduced my positive rating to 98%. How do I improve / get rid of this ? Can Fiverr support help me in any way?


What is modification?
One of my gig it says “Requires Modification”