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I cannot attach a doc file only images, does anyone else have that problem?


What are your worst buyer stories?


how to improve or what tips to get more sales
in my gigs??..


As an old man who has used and observed Fiverr over many years I could not let this opportunity pass without commenting on the fantastic value for buyers and sellers the site has achieved over the years. It must be one of the finest value for money-opportunities for gaining money on the NET. RAY TWINE


Kindly help me fiverr, I am only getting 2-4 orders in a week. Can you help me fiverr in getting great orders?


Hello everyone. 1st let me say thank you I use fiverr a few time a month, I truly can’t tell you how I found you - but thank god I did… - I will say it took us a few times, before I found a few amazing people to work with, and continue to work with them every month still… and this why… the communication is excellent , and if not they ask very nicely to clarify - there not rude at all anytime within the communication… I’ve had a few of those will never use again or recommend… What where are now looking for is viral sales people to sell adverting space ?
Let me know if you can help?


Gig cancellations would be a good topic


You should do interviews with sellers…


I’m moving to another country, anyone knows how to change the country on your profile? thx.


Hi dear.
I want to replace my payoneer revenue card. But i don’t about that. please help me


Gig optimization. Or in other words, how to better present your product or service. Or in other words, how to be a better salesperson.


Hi fiverr support team,

Greetings from India and congratulations on providing such a great platform for people like me to have a decent career online.

I love your fiverrcast episodes and would love to see few more.
Keep up the good work .



I’d like to listen to an episode that breaks down a frequent buyer’s gig selection process.

I’d also like to listen an episode that explains the ‘secret’ ways of finding what your audience is typing into the search box most. :wink:


Hi . I have been making podcast on mac and then putting them in mp3 format. I need to fidn someone who will put a picture with a title on the picture on the mp3 so I can post on youtube , vimeo, face book or elsewhere. I need a fiverr who can do that. Thank you Maggie


I would like you to discuss some of the restrictions imposed on sellers. For example, communicating outside of Fiverr. I love the idea of running Fiverr like my own business but not being able to contact buyers outside of Fiverr hampers communication especially if they are new. I would also love to see something like facebooks “Update Status” so you can communicate daily with updates, specials, etc.


I’m 3 months into Fiverr, 2 months active as a voiceover artist. I recently left my corporate job to spend more time with my son at home but enjoy pursuing my passion of storytelling when I can. Fiverr has allowed me to do that with my voice work and I’m so appreciative and determined to be successful. With that said, how do you deal with the pressure to be perfect and maintain your super seller status? After all, this is real life and we can’t please everyone. Majority of the time, I’m rated with a 5, but occasionally I’ll get a 4 or 4.5 and it can be a mental struggle to shake it off and get back to being motivated on my next project. Especially, since I know these ratings affect me reaching the next Fiverr goal level.

Second question for @ReddHorrocks; do you do any special treatments use any certain products to keep your voice in tiptop condition (outside of when you may be sick)?


Hi guys…how do i reactivate a paused gig?


After the updates of fiverr I really got low sell & nd i check out on forum there are lots of seller who are experiencing the same thing as i am if there is any tip for us is there any secret tricks or any special tips to be on the track on fiverr Because i m not getting %50 of my sales waiting for your reply



Reply to @crslaytor: Check out the first podcast, Redd goes into detail about this subject.


Reply to @annai80: Hey! We actually cover this topic in episode 3, check it out!