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Reply to @oezeadi: Agree! Another great topic would be “How to increase your sales”. A lot of users in the forum keep asking how to get sales. This would help them get their gigs going.
A question I would have is: How many people are currently employed/working for Fiverr?


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This is an issue you should contact customer support about.



Reply to @selectedstudio: Hi there!

Some of the podcasts do involve interviews with sellers. If this is something you’d be interested in, please reach out to NatalieAb



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I recommend tuning into Ep 3, we discuss cancellations and the processes we go through in saying no to situations but still working with the buyer.

If you are looking for something more specific about cancellations, let us know!



Reply to @worldtravellist: Tell her she can refund you by clicking the order page and then “Resolution Center”… there is a choice for cancellation there… You can “mutually cancel” the order so that it won’t affect the new seller’s ratings and then you get the $40 back so you can use it to buy a gig from another seller. :slight_smile:


Reply to @tuhehero: fiverr is cheater dont sell anything here


Reply to @meggananderson: fiverr made cheat with me


Reply to @silberma1976: This is a great topic/subject to cover, however, I think the experiences and advice for this depends on the person themselves and could probably be turned into a ‘series’ more than just one episode. :slight_smile: I have no kids and took a leap of faith when others may have waited or couldn’t have made the sacrifices I did to do such. Those with more obligations and responsibilities may have some other instruction or advice. Would make for a great discussion and airing IMO.

DTong (TRS)


Reply to @ahmadtalhaazam: In Episode 6 we just covered this topic extensively :slight_smile:


Reply to @steveeyes: What the Fiverr rules mean, I think, is that if someone orders your gig on Fiverr, you can’t tell him, “OK, give me instructions on Facebook” or “email me instructions here”. However, I don’t think Fiverr minds if you have a Facebook page that promotes your gig, if you talk to people online about what you do on Fiverr, etc.


Reply to @joybeatie: Hi Joy! It’s always tough to shake off a bad review. I generally reach out to clients that may have reviewed me lower to get their feedback on what I can do better to gain that fifth star. It’s all about improving your customer experience and sometimes you can gain a lot from reaching out and really politely asking for a little more input.

For my voice, I’m lucky because after doing this for so many years it’s very very strong. I almost never lose it from working. If it does get a little scratchy I’ll occasionally take Buttercup Syrup which is a cough medicine from the UK, and if I’m sick I like to drink hot toddies made with Fireball Whiskey. Hang in there and good luck!


Hi, I think fiverr’s editor did a podcast episode on some information relating to this so you could perhaps seek that out. It was one of the earlier episodes I believe.


What is the best way to keep track of the pending deliveries and unread mails when someone has a really packed schedule with TONNES of orders?