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We will deliver 10 FREE orders as it's our company's anniversary day today!

We are one of the most popular service providers in ‘graphics and design’ category with 140K+ orders & 65K+ reviews. Fiverr has given us a lot, it’s time to give something back.
We will deliver 10 FREE logo orders as it’s our company’s anniversary day today!!
Contact us for the inbox for the same (


P.S. this offer is valid for today only, as we can’t celebrate everyday. :slight_smile: The deadline will be 24 hours from the message posting.
P.P.S. We might get more than 10 messages in few hours only. so, we will simply draw (like lottery) once we will have all the entries. We will personally respond those 10 users for the same.
P.P.P.S. This is a community work for our fiverr community, and certainly not any short of promotional activity.


Hi, I also want to get a LOGO …:grin:

Kindly drop a message over here for the same.


You cant sell anything for free on fiverr and also you’ve choosen wrong category please post gig related advertising in my fiverr gigs category

Yes, I had already leave my message there , many thanks :微笑:

Hello sir,
This is not advertising…
And we are not selling anything for free… we are just giving back to our community… neither we want nor we expect anything in return.
But I will surely switch to the right category if this is not the appropriate. Advertising won’t be the accurate category as this is just a community work. If you can help me identify the other category, I’ll surely change it.


You might get your gig deleted. One if my gigs was deleted for providing a free service just to see if itvworks. But when I asked CS one of them told it was because of third part copyright infringement, which of course was BS. Later another CS confirmed because of SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY.

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Thanks for your kind support…
I’ll ask customer support to stay safe.


We have just received response from Fiverr customer support. They said,

“We don’t recommend providing services for free, however, if you can manage it, then it’s ok.”

“we recommend making it clear that it’s your personal offer and not something from Fiverr.”

Yes, this is our personal offer and not from Fiverr.
Yes, we will give the service for free as we can manage it!

Let’s roll the ball!!


Can you share screenshot of conversation with Fiverr CS ?

I don’t know your intention behind asking the screenshot but here it is…



thank you so much for sharing screenshot with us this is really interesting.