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We will organize a Fiverr event


Hello fellow,
I and some of my friends want to organize a Fiverr event in Dhaka.

Many skilled developers can not get better jobs. We want to inspire them on the way how they can implements their skills for Fiverr platform and build up their career matched with their skills.

We will give tips and tricks for online earnings, show them how to maintain long term relationship with buyers, how to create portfolio etc. To do that we will rent a conference room in Dhaka. That will be a day long event. Have you any ideas how we can successfully organize this type of Fiverr event.

How can we reach more audience? Please share your ideas. Thank you.

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Hi @webdivine, That`s a very noble thought indeed.
But do you have enough experience on fiverr that you are thinking to organize an event to help people regarding these. You might have experience in these stuffs and can organize an event but making it a “fiverr event” is something different.

If you are really serious regarding this-

  • Go to a medium-profile collage/institution in your place.
  • Have a talk with the administrative body.
  • If they permit, I am sure that they will provide you, their own assembly hall too as well.

There you can host an event to teach the students regarding these. (It will save you money that you would be otherwise spending on ads, conference room rent etc).

But I still doubt that you are serious…


Get in touch with customer support and let them know you are intersted in hosting a community event.


Thank you for your ideas.
Yes. We are serious to organize this event. Though I am new here we have experience to organize many tech events.

We will focus mainly Fiverr platform. Other issues will be also showcase.
Many of us think make money online is very easy stuff. We want to share the facts with our audience.

Now in our country freelancing is trending issue. Our Govt. also think freelancer can earn huge $$$ over night. :smiley:

It’s good idea. :ok_hand:

We will contact with private universities authority. If they permit us then we will organize this event on their auditorium.

Thank you once again.


We know Fiverr CS is very helpful to organize this type of events for community build up.

At this moment we want to organize this event like friends get together! :slight_smile:

If we get successful result in this event then we will contact Fiverr for next event.

Thank you for being with us. :slight_smile:


Best of luck.
And yes, if done correctly Fiverr may provide you some financial support as
well. (Not guaranteed though)


Thanks for your initiative, we are already discussing it with Fiverr authority. Hope something great is coming for Dhaka people very soon.


Great to hear about it. I havn’t gone through any of Fiverr event yet though . But 'll try to reach out at Dhaka event as well :sunglasses:


Thank you @faisalmaximus You know according to the Fiverr CEO (Micha Kaufman) maximum top rated fiverr seller comes from Pakistan. They have unity. Our Bangladeshi freelancers have world class skills but they do not utilize those or don’t know how to implement those. We want to show them the fact.
Obviously we will be with you. Because you are very senior and experienced. :slight_smile:


Sure. See you anyhow…somewhere!


You can join our facebook group named Fiverr Bangladesh, though its an unofficial group but we provide as much help as possible through our group to the freelancers. You are most welcome.


Any Indians? Has any fiverr event been organised this year in India? Looking forward to attend one…


Thank you Faisal viya. We will contact with you. Please count us if you need any assistance on organizing future event.