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Weak explanation

Acually, few days ago a buyer message me. He told me that, how can you work this project, give me your plan. But unfortunately i never gave good explanation. That’s why he didn’t get the project.

My English is not very good. How can i improve my English skill. Please anyone suggest me.


Just learn it - there is no way how to learn it in 1 day. We are in 2020 - there are many free materials, youtube lessons, free online speaking ckubs, books, journals - you don’t even need to spend money to learn any language. Just find the best scheme for you - no one will tell you, only your own hard work and experience can show, which English learning course gives the best results. And good luck


Reading is the best way to learn a language quickly! You read faster than you speak/listen, so you can consume more words this way :slight_smile:


If it was relevant maybe attaching a diagram of how you planned to the project might also work.


Thank you so much, for suggestions

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