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Hi y’all! I’m a small business owner (solo lawfirm) in Austin, TX, USA looking for Web Design & SEO assistance - however Web Design and SEO providers here don’t seem to correlate together. I would think that it would be a good idea to have the web design team work with the SEO Team (and Branding for that matter) when designing the website?

Any opinions on the matter?

This is how it works in an agency.
However, here I believe the main issue is that when it comes to SEO, freelancers have very different opinions on what works and what doesn’t.

For example, just recently I had a client who hired an SEO specialist and me to redesign his website. We had very different opinion on what on-page SEO means. The other guy believed that keyword stuffing, annoying popups and backlinks from random sites were good for ranking. I disagreed and refused to design those ridiculous popups that jump in your face every time you open a page.

I would recommend hiring a consultant first.
You need a person who will outline the project goals, requirements, KPIs etc. Once you have a clear project brief you can start hiring the people who understand your vision and build you what you need.

An alternative is to hire an agency :slight_smile: