Web Designer Needed


I have a group of videos (filmed and edited), although I require pauses put into these videos at specific times. So I give instructions and the video pauses, once the learner has finished that task they can click space bar to continue/check their answers. If you can assist me in my web design and putting these pauses into my videos that would be great.


@bretblackmore I would suggest that you look in this category https://www.fiverr.com/categories/video-animation/video-post-production-editing/ or one of the related categories. Find a seller with some good reviews and communication skills that are up to your needs. You may need to find one person to edit the videos and another to help with your web design, although you could get lucky if you look around.

The forums are not always a great place to look for sellers. You get a smaller number of responses and there are many new sellers so take care to do your research. Most sellers will also welcome a message before you order so you can make sure they are up to the task and they make sure they feel prepared for your needs.

The other option is to put a request in Buyer Requests here: https://www.fiverr.com/users/fonthaunt/manage_requests/new

You don’t have a lot of room for buyer requests so I would still suggest you separate the video need from the web design need and make those into 2 requests.


Hello sir,
Fiverr has a special feature called the " Requests", where you can post any request such as the one you have posted here.
To post a request you simply need to hover your mouse over your username inside Fiverr and go to Requests —>Post a Request.
Simply fill in the request details,sit back and wait for sellers to get back to you.
Thank you so much.



Thanks guys for your input. Obviously new to this.