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I have just joined 5r a couple of weeks back and am finding it real hard to get a few clicks, forget about getting any sales…Why is it so tough for succeeding at fiverr? I feel like I am back to kindergarten…

You’ve got one gig, no reviews and you’re charging $150.

It’s not hard to succeed on Fiverr, you just need to be offering the right product at the right price to the right people.

Edited to add: You’d be better to take the UpWork and PPH references out of your description and video - that’s not allowed, I’m afraid.


I have not got the clicks, dont know when the reviews will start. All I know is that I am waiting patiently for my opportunity…I will fight it out …till my destiny is revealed…:slight_smile:

I’m afraid that until you rethink your pricing etc. (think of adding a lower priced offering as part of packages), you won’t get any buyers, so you won’t any reviews.

Have a look around and see what your competitors are offering, for $5 if needed, just to get the ball rolling.

Please do remove the references to other freelancing websites from your description, or your gig and account could be at risk.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your good wishes…they really mean a lot…
So as you say, adding a $5 package is going to get me good business…can you please explain it?

Is there anything you can offer, even as separate gig, for $5 to get some clients and reviews?

Considering the ever increasing taxes and inflation, 5r should now be rechristened as a 10r…