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Web developing and more

Hey hey…

New to fiverr? Kinda; I’ve used fiverr before but it’s my first time selling here…
Here’s a link to my gig

It’s clear that my gig is all about web developing and programming related stuff, If you checked the description everything that I can offer is pretty detailed. Also, there are wide range of other services that I can offer (including designing, video production, motion graphics, and many more stuff to follow) but I choose to focus on just one thing as a start.

But since I’m still new on fiverr, I know it would take some time to get clients and ‘kinda stable work’.
I’d appreciate your support ordering my gig , and here’s an offer for my first clients:

For the first 3 orders, as a trial, If you didn’t like the final project (even if it satisfy all the reequipments), a full refund will be issued to you with no further questions.

For the first 10 orders, I’ll deliver something extra as a gift:)
May it be an extra service, web page, script, design, or whatever related to your project. Or you can ask for free facebook ads promotion ($20 worth) for any website/page of your choice (I’ve some free coupons that I’m gonna burn away FEWWWWW)…

I’m free to work at any given project starting from now on. I also hope that I’ll up to any challenge! :smiley:

If there’s any comment about my gig description, formatting and presenting please inform me. I’m not that familiar with fiverr, so if there’re any tricks that would help me stand out I’ll be grateful :slight_smile: